Intelligent defrost control system

06 Jul 2016

Century Refrigeration announces the release of the new Centinel Intelligent Defrost Control System. This control system improves refrigeration systems’ energy efficiency, eliminates icing and fogging, and reduces operating costs.The Centinel consists of a microprocessor-driven controller, 4 temperature sensors, and a suction transducer. The microprocessor, paired with the advanced, sensitive temperature sensors, controls the system with a precision and accuracy unmatched by mechanical controls. The Centinel reduces the energy used by the system by precisely controlling superheat and fans, reducing compressor run time, and implementing demand defrosts. It uses a unique self-learning algorithm allowing it to automatically adjust to changing system conditions, making it customized to each individual evaporator. This defrost control system was designed for a rapid ROI and long service life. The Centinel can be used with both new and existing applications. As the controller is not refrigerant specific and can be configured for use with mechanical or electronic expansion valves, it is appropriate for use in a wide range of refrigeration applications.

RAE Corporation |

Volume: 2016 July/August