Applied Energy Technologies (AET) Unveils Breakthrough Rayport-B ECO Ballast System for Prism Solar Technologies Bifacial Panels

14 Apr 2016
Applied Energy Technologies (AET), a preferred supplier of commercial and utility-scale racking systems and one of the top 10 solar racking companies in the United States, announces today the expansion of its ECO line of products with its Rayport-B ECO Prism Ballast System for Prism Solar Technologies Bifacial Solar Panels. Prism’s bifacial glass modules generate up to 25 percent more energy per watt than traditional modules in flat rooftop applications by utilizing the light reflected from a white or reflective commercial rooftop surface.
AET has a history of innovation and its racking adaptation to Prism’s bifacial panels is an example of their forethought as a leading solar racking supplier. AET was selected by Prism to custom design a racking solution for its bifacial solar module product line.
“It’s our goal to grow with the industry as new technologies emerge,” said Aaron Faust, AET’s VP of Business Development. “Adapting our rooftop solution was a clear choice to provide customers with a reliable, cost-effective racking solution for bifacial panels.”
Prism Solar Technologies has been manufacturing bifacial solar modules since 2012. They are the only bifacial module manufacturer with a warranted backside power rating and the first module in the industry to meet NREL’s most stringent Qualification-Plus durability standard.
“With their reputation as a technically advanced racking supplier, AET was well positioned to address the needs of the commercial roof and solar marketplace,” said Jerry Hughes, Director of Sales and Marketing at Prism Solar. “AET customized their system to realize the additional ‘backside-gain’ for their customers who combine Prism modules with reflective rooftops. We are confident that the end result is a high quality system that achieves the additional bifacial-energy-gain and is easy to install.”
AET has been at the forefront in developing groundbreaking products that help bring solar energy to a wider audience. With an impeccable track record of 100% on time delivery, 100% on budget, and zero warranty claims, AET meets the highest standards in product manufacturing, design and engineering, and installation required by the solar industry's foremost leaders.
Applied Energy Technologies (AET)