Solar Micronics Installs 210 Kw System for Cancer Center

27 Feb 2015
Solar Micronics, Inc., a suburban Chicago solar engineering, procurement, and construction firm, has completed an installation of a 210 Kw grid-tied solar PV system for Morris Cancer Center, located in Morris, Illinois.
This is a unique project affording an opportunity for Solar Micronics to showcase its talents in all three different systems of mounting a PV array.
The rooftop system could accommodate only 10 Kw due to extensive shading issues. So, a 150 Kw ground mount system was installed to maximize the utilization of available land, and two parking lot canopies of 25 Kw each were also installed, thus achieving a total of 100% of the facility’s electricity needs, resulting in annual savings to the facility of over $66,000.
Solar Micronics