Fuse safety system

20 May 2014

Bentek Solar continues to add to its broad range of residential, commercial, and utility-scale safety systems with the second-generation, 1000 VDC Utility-Scale Fused Disconnect Safety System (FDSS). The new FDSS 2 builds on the success of the FDSS 1 by providing customers with up to 24 inputs, and a total system capacity of 4800 Amps. With common output hardbuss bar for easy installation in utility-scale inverters, the FDSS 2 also offers a visible blade disconnect for an extra level of safety for all incoming PV arrays. Moreover, it comes with an optional heater and ventilation systems for variable climates. The FDSS 2 complies with the NEC 2011 disconnect requirements, ensuring safe access to service inverter fuses.

Bentek Solar


Volume: May/June 2014