Huntington Beach Solar Incentive Program Launches

26 Apr 2012

With the vision of creating a strong solar community out of Huntington Beach, local business Sullivan Solar Power is offering cash incentives to city property owners that participate in Huntington Beach’s Solar Program. The innovative program allows Huntington Beach residents to go solar for little to no upfront cost and receive substantial cash-back awards for their involvement.
The comprehensive solar advocacy program launched Monday to inspire residents to declare energy independence and create a sustainable future for the region.  Participants who sign up before July 30, 2012 will be eligible to receive cash-back incentives at a level that is up to twice the amount of the current California Solar Initiative state rebate program.
“Huntington Beach’s Solar Program is designed in a manner that will create a critical mass and encourage the entire community to go solar,” said business owner Daniel Sullivan, “And hopefully, lead a solar energy revolution where we shift our dependence from foreign fossil fuels to renewable resources.”
The community solar program will incentivize Huntington Beach residents to encourage their neighbors, groups and friends to go solar.  The more people who sign up, the greater the cash incentives will be for everyone.
An informational solar luncheon will be taking place for property owners on Saturday, May 19 at 11 a.m. in the Huntington Beach Art Center, located at 538 Main Street. The presentation will inform residents about solar technology, rebates and incentives, and details of the Huntington Beach Solar Program. The event will last one hour and lunch is provided.

Huntington Beach Solar Program