Philadelphia Eagles Go Green with Wind & Solar

29 Nov 2012

Urban Green Energy (UGE) announced that it had completed the installation of 14 wind turbines at Lincoln Financial Field, in collaboration with the installation and energy services of NRG Energy. The turbines will work in unison to offset a portion of the stadium’s energy output, demonstrating the commitment the Philadelphia Eagles have made towards sustainability.

The UGE turbines are located in two sets of seven at opposing ends of the stadium, behind their respective field goals, operating atop twenty-foot towers over the stands. Being connected to the stadium’s grid, the turbines will offset the energy consumption of the stadium directly, rolling back the energy meter at night, and slowing it during the day.

“These type of installations really encapsulate the possibilities that are emerging for distributed renewable energy,” said a spokesperson for UGE, “Our customers are able to offset and neutralize their carbon emissions in a way that serves as a positive influence for their stakeholders while also leading to positive economic returns.”

The UGE turbines are the first to be installed at an NFL stadium, and are part of Lincoln Financial Field’s larger sustainability plan which includes a number of solar panels on the roof and parking lots. “The wind turbines are a strong visual statement of what we have been working on for over a year at Lincoln Financial”, said a spokesperson for NRG Energy, which has developed the project. “The stadium and grounds will soon create enough energy to fully power ten home games, representing over $60 million in savings.”

The new installation boosts UGE’s growing portfolio of enterprise customers, whom use UGE’s wind and solar solutions to increase their energy security, reach their sustainability goals, and lower their energy costs. Among the additional high-profile customers UGE is finalizing projects with are an array of telecoms companies, shopping malls, financial establishments, and educational institutions.

The turbines atop Financial Field are an example of the strong visual statement and influence a renewable energy project can make on a community as a whole, while allowing end-users to reach their own sustainability goals. The project, which was in development for nearly two years, saw a significant vetting process for possible manufacturers and project developers. By working with UGE and NRG Energy, the Philadephia Eagles were able to pursue their goals and vision while allowing the project developers to manage the detailed project planning and technical aspects.

Urban Green Energy (UGE)