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 2019 wind buyers guide
    EDF Renewables
With over 30 years of experience and 13GW of energy under contract worldwide, EDF Renewables Asset Optimization group helps optimize plant performance, maximize availability, and minimize downtime. With services including full O&M, Blade Services, Asset Management, and 24/7/365 Monitoring, they bring an owner-operator sensibility to all projects. Their Development group has over 10GW of wind, solar, bioenergy, and storage devel- oped in North America.
From the foundation bolts to the blades, HYTORC has developed solutions for nearly every bolting application in the wind turbine industry. For custom projects, their experienced engineering team is available to custom design the most efficient solution, with simple operation and economical pricing in mind. HYTORC’s mission is to ensure customers’ jobs as safe and efficient as possible. All of their products are covered by a worldwide, one-year, no-questions-asked warranty, which includes free parts and labor. With authorized repair facilities located globally, fast and professional service is always available.
  Measure UAS
Measure UAS provides turnkey aerial inspections for wind turbines. Advanced drone technology and big data analytics identify hub nose and blade defects
on wind turbines precisely, quickly, and safely. Measure’s aerial intelligence solutions improve inspection efficiency, reducing inspection downtime, and providing actionable information that can be used to optimize turbine productiv- ity and minimize expensive repairs. High resolution imagery, damage identifica- tion, and damage classification are provided in an interactive web portal to enable site-by-site analysis, as well as comparisons across sites and over time.
   Northwind Solutions
Northwind is a progressive, customer-focused service organization that delivers asset monitoring, performance analytics, and operations and maintenance (O&M) services to the renewable energy industry. Their mission is to minimize asset down time and maximize the value of renewable energy assets today, and for the long term. They have been providing wind O&M services, full time technician support services, major component services, and third party commissioning throughout North America since 2004.
   Power Climber Wind
Power Climber Wind helps wind turbine OEMs, owners, and service providers around the globe manage their operation and maintenance costs by providing reliable access equipment and expertise to improve employee safety, productivity, and retention. With 70 years of experi- ence performing productively at elevation, they offer a range of solutions including IBEX climb assists, turbine service lifts, tower access platforms, blade access solutions, safety equipment, and training.
 PSI Repair Services, Inc.
As an independent service provider (ISP) serving the wind energy industry, PSI Repair Services offers wind turbine component repair and upgrade services for GE, Vestas, Gamesa, Siemens, RePower, and Clipper turbines. They
cover the critical electronic, hydraulic and precision mechanical components that drive a turbine’s pitch and yaw systems and down-tower electronics. Commonly repaired components include printed circuit boards, pitch drive systems, inverters, IGBTs, PLCs, VRCC units, AEBIs, proportional valves, hydraulic pumps, pitch and yaw motors, encoders, slip rings, transducers, yaw modules, 3-phase bridge rectifiers, and more.
  Sentient Science
DigitalClone is a cloud-based platform that helps return 13% of the revenue from wind turbines back to the operator, using advanced prognostics on the health of individual wind turbines and life extension actions to extend wind turbine life. Through a centralized system, the platform connects the component replace- ment forecasts of operators with service provid- ers and OEM suppliers to compete for the life extension action business. The platform enables Buy on Life transactions based on a unique fusion of materials science and data science modeling of the wind turbines. Operators are able to make buying decisions based on life extension and improvements in business value reducing the cost of O&M, asset management, and supply and inventory management.
SkySpecs offers automated, robotic blade inspec- tions, and Horizon - the data management and analytics software that enables customers to view, annotate, and compare data over time. Offshore and onshore turbine inspections take 15 minutes to complete, making turbine downtime and human oversight minimal.
With over 70 years of powered access experience, Spider puts workers on wind turbine blade and tower surfaces for the full scope of work performed at height. From single point tower inspection access systems to 360° blade access platform solutions to custom designs, Spider has the modular components, ease of supply and transportability, engineering exper- tise, and installation know-how to get wind turbine repair work done safely and productively. Their solutions are available for rent, sale, and aftermarket support from a large branch network, and they also offer Wind Access Safety Training.
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