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Raycap has enhanced the performance of its Strikesorb 30 Surge Protective Device for wind turbines. The enhancements upgrade the Strikesorb 30 to a Class I Surge Protective Device, in addition to
its present Class II rating, per IEC 61643- 11. The enhanced Strikesorb 30 provides systems designers additional installation flexibility with its compact footprint, in locations experiencing both direct and indirect lightning currents. The modules have UL Type 2 Component Assembly certi- fication and feature a patented technology capable of handling multiple lightning surges without failure or performance degradation while offering continuous protection of the wind turbine.
American Chemical Technologies
EcoGear 270XP is a wind turbine lubricant made from polyether polyol and has been engineered specifically to eliminate disadvantages of
other full synthetic oils. American Chemical Technologies, Inc.’s (ACT) polyether polyol based PAGs essentially clean systems with their natural detergency and the incapability of varnish forma- tion while in operation. EcoGear 270XP has valuable filtration properties, better cold temper- ature start-ups, condensation and water forgive- ness, extended service life, and offers low volatil- ity in high temperature applications. The extreme pressure properties in EcoGear 270XP have been formulated with an additive package created
by advances in lubrication used in aerospace technology. Once activated by high specific loads and corresponding temperatures, the additive package helps to equalize surface roughness without creating abrasion. EcoGear 270XP is a solution within wind turbine gearboxes where other lubricants experience short change inter- vals and insufficient load carrying capacity.
   AMSOIL, Inc.
AMSOIL lubricants use sophisticated additives to provide cost-effective choices for prolong-
ing equipment life, reducing maintenance, and increasing performance. AMSOIL PTN 320 is approved with all gearbox manufacturers, includ- ing Winergy/Flender, NGC, Gearbox Express, Moventas, and ZF, and their lubricants are used as a global factory run-in for Winergy, NGC, and ZF. With over 30,000MW of installed capacity in North America alone, AMSOIL has yet to have
a warranty claim, and in this near-decade of service, not a single customer has switched from AMSOIL PTN 320 to any other lubricant.
Fuchs Lubricants
Fuchs is a full line global lubricant supplier to the wind industry. Fuchs has numerous OEM approved greases for bearing application and oil for gearbox usage. Fuchs has a full line of solutions for all wind related lubrication needs. Gleitmo 585K is a top performing pitch grease, and is widely used across turbine platforms.
SYN-Nth Gear Oil is designed to reduce wear in wind turbine gearboxes for maximum equipment life and reliability. SYN-Nth Gear Oil’s protection against gear scuffing and micropitting has been documented with FZG testing and field-proven in wind turbines. SYN-Nth Gear Oil has a high viscosity index to maintain an ideal lubricant film thickness year- round. Its high oxidation stability extends drain inter- vals. Guaranteed ISO 4406 cleanliness: 16/14/11.
     Klüber Lubrication NA LP
Special gear oil is required to maximize the efficiencies and longevities of large gear systems. Klübersynth GEM 4-320 N reaches high standards for cleanliness, anti-foaming, service life, and resistance to wear. Recent evolutions of the formulation help to extend the lives of older gearboxes. Klübersynth products and services can be integrated for reliability and protection of old and new gear drives.
    Shell Lubricants
Shell Omala S5 Wind fully synthetic gear oil offers lubrication performance even under severe operating conditions. The formulation is developed to protect a wind turbine’s gears and bearings by minimiz-
ing wear, protecting against micro-pitting, maintaining effective fluidity at extremes
of low temperature, and minimizing foam formation. Shell Omala S5 Wind is designed to meet or exceed OEM requirements of Siemens Wind Power, ZF Wind, Vestas, and Gamesa. It also meets or exceeds following OEM component requirements of Winergy, NGC, Bosch-Rexroth, Eickhoff, Moventas, SKF, Timken, Schaefflet, Hydac, CC Jensen, Mintai and Fredenburg.
Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
   BayWa r.e. Wind, LLC
BayWa r.e. is a global Developer and
Asset Manager with 5GW currently under management. Striving to meet customers’ goals, they protect their client’s invest- ment to generate sustainable and reliable returns. With multiple turbine platforms under management and strong partner- ships with specialized providers, their Asset Management team can proactively resolve any potential issue that may arise. BayWa r.e. builds lasting relationships that prepares projects for long-term operational success.
The best value to secure bolts.
The HEICO-LOCK® wedge locking system is the reliable solution to the problem of securing bolted joints in high vibration assemblies against self-loosening by rotation!
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