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 2019 wind buyers guide
Hybrid Systems
   X3 Energy/Van Straten Enterprises, Inc.
The X3/CAT Microgrid Hybrid Power Module is designed for immediate power for disaster relief, military applications, small villages, construction sites, etc. It provides renewable energy in a single module that can quickly be dispatched to site. The module contains 36 auto-deployed photovol- taic modules which provide up to 10.62kWp DC power as the primary power source with 78kWh of energy storage, and a standby diesel generator set for power when PV energy is not available. The bi-directional inverter provides reliable power conver- sion and energy storage management is provided by intelligent controls for charg- ing, discharging, equalization, and state of charge estimation for the batteries.
   Rhombus Energy Solutions
Rhombus Energy’s Power Converter Systems enable batteries to be optimally used by converting power from AC to DC to charge batteries, and from DC to AC to use the energy stored in the batteries. Every
Energy Storage System (ESS), depending
on type of batteries, operates at different voltage ranges and charge/discharge rates. Rhombus Power Converters are an essential and core part of an ESS, and are tuned to optimize each ESS.
 Large Wind Turbine Manufacturer (Over 100 kW)
ENERCON Canada, Inc.
Established in Germany over 30 years ago, ENERCON is an international provider in wind turbine design and manufacturing. With its gearless generator technologies, high manufac- turing standards, and comprehensive long-term service agreements, the company’s solutions are reliable and high performing. ENERCON's product line ranges from 800kW to 4.5MW. To date, the company has installed more than 28.800 turbines worldwide representing more than 49.4GW of installed capacity.
    Goldwind Americas
Goldwind’s GW 4S MW Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive (PMDD) wind turbine capital- izes on the scalability of the 3-megawatt platform to bring a turbine with a rated power of 4.0-4.2MW. The latest Goldwind turbine for international markets is designed for wind class IIA and features rotor diame- ters up to 136 meters. Goldwind’s E-farm system has been integrated as a standard system in the GW4X turbine. Using LAC (Lidar Assisted Control) technology, E-farm can help increase efficiency of the turbine by adapting to changing wind conditions and optimizing the turbine power curve to achieve higher AEP.
Vestas provides sustainable energy solutions. They design, manufacture, install, and service wind turbines across the globe, and have installed 94GW of wind turbines in 79 countries. Through their smart data capabilities and more than 78GW of wind turbines under service, they use data to interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources and deliver quality wind power solutions.
 Flash Technology
From their Franklin, TN facility, Flash Technology offers innovative MET tower and wind turbine obstruction lighting solutions and the remote asset monitoring systems that support them. An OEM since 1969, they help clients mitigate risk and meet the day-to-day challenges of obstruction lighting operations. Their ETL-certified and FAA-approved LED products serve airport, broadcast, telecom, utilities, and wind energy markets. Their support services include component-level training, installa- tion, troubleshooting, and maintenance.
Hughey & Phillips
The H&P HORIZON L-864 Red LED beacon has design features specifically for wind turbine applications. Light weight, compact, easy wiring, dry contact, field repairable, and integrated GPS/ PCELL allows the fixture to be quickly installed on new or existing turbines. At 17lbs and 9" tall, the fixture can easily replace larger and heavier fixtures while typically using the same system wiring. Being field repairable, it reduces mainte- nance costs. The integrated GPS/PCELL provides sync and mode control without the need for additional controls. All HORIZON systems come with a full 5-year warranty.
    Moltec Windpower Products
Moltec now offers brighter ways to illumi- nate critical areas in wind towers and nacelles. Their new LED lighting systems deliver high performance and are a cost- effective solution for wind tower lighting. All of their engineered lighting and electri- cal systems are pre-assembled, pre-tested, and ready to install per user specifications. The compact and lightweight Moltec LED Sabre Light achieves industry photo-metric requirements. This allows for easy handling and installation within limited space without sacrificing lumen output. The Moltec UFO Light utilizes high-powered, high efficiency LED technology to deliver optimal directional lighting. As a result, the desired lux values are achieved with fewer fixtures. This system is a solution for down-tower lighting or large workspace task lighting.
   Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact’s new LED tower lighting system for wind turbines makes lighting instal- lation nearly maintenance-free. The complete solution ensures optimal lighting of work surfaces and escape routes. The LEDs have a long life, eliminating frequent bulb replace- ments. Due to the lower temperature operation, they also eliminate fixture heaters. The system features Phoenix Contact’s QPD connection system for quick and easy installation. A central, uninterruptible power supply ensures lighting in case of power failures and eliminates the need for batteries in fixtures. Service techni- cians can conveniently read the UPS’s charge level and the battery’s expected service life.
Technostrobe manufactures obstruction lights for tall towers. Their mission is to help pilots fly safely by providing innova- tive, robust, and energy efficient lighting technologies. The LED lighting systems
can be combined with their LIDS (Lighting Intensity Dimming Solution) Technology to ensure the intensity of the lights on a wind farm are adapted to the surrounding visibil- ity, thereby helping the site become more community friendly. They serve customers in the broadcasting, telecommunications, and wind farm industries.
Lightning & Surge Protection
EMP Defense, LLC
Effective against lightning and electromagnetic pulses, the CMCE120 is an advanced lightning protection device. With over 8000 installations worldwide utilizing this technology, and no reported strikes in over 15 years, the CMCE120
is providing a new standard in global lightning protection. The CMCE120 continuously balances the protected areas electromagnetic field, drain- ing excess current harmlessly into the ground, eliminating upward streamers, and preventing the development of lightning within a 393ft radius.

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