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   Kaydon Filtration
Kaydon Filtration's patented TURBO-TOC coalesc- ing technology keeps turbine rotating compo- nents protected by providing quick and efficient water removal from turbine oil. Their TURBO-TOC technology was developed to remove water to less than 150ppm in a single pass at process rates exceeding 100GPM (380LPM). Turbo-TOC KL and portable KLP systems for single pass high flow water removal can significantly decrease bearing failures and extend turbine oil life for the life of the turbine. Available flow rates: 3, 5, 20, 30, 50, 60, and 100GPM.
National Filters, Inc.
Utilizing high quality components, National Filters Inc. single and dual stage filters are designed for wind turbine use. Elements meet the ISO cleanli- ness levels wind systems require, at a fraction of the cost of the OEM.
Solidification Products International, Inc.
SPI has a variety of wind products such as their Petro-Pipe System and Petro Barrier System. Each has been designed to allow rain water to drain, while completely filtering out all vegetable oils or fuel sheen to non-detectable levels. In the event of a major spill, the Petro-Pipe/Petro Barrier Systems will totally shut down and prevent all flow from discharging. It will then back the spill into the containment area preventing an environ- mental release. SPI products are currently being used at wind farm locations and solar installa- tions around the world.
Financial Services
CleanView Capital
CleanView Capital’s Clean Energy Ownership Program, uses a 3-page traditional operating lease to provide C&I customers with a low-cost path
to ownership at an affordable price. The program appeals to companies which cannot benefit from a federal income tax credit within the company, as well as companies seeking to optimize
value within budget and cash flow constraints. CleanView Capital’s Government Finance Program uses a tax-exempt lease purchase agreement to provide municipal, county, and state governmental entities and their political subdivisions, such as schools and municipal electric companies, with financing at below commercial rates.
   Gearbox Manufacturing, Services & Repairs
Bonfiglioli designs and manufactures an exten- sive range of products for the wind energy sector, including planetary gearmotors and gearboxes for nacelle yaw control, blade pitch, and small wind main drives (up to 200kW), as well as a complete range of AC electric motors and inverter drives. Bonfiglioli products are compact, lightweight, and versatile and help improve wind turbine perfor- mance and minimize maintenance costs of 1MW to 12MW turbines in on- and off-shore instal- lations. New product features such as a torque limiter and integrated load cell help to monitor and measure gearbox performance, troubleshoot maintenance issues, and control and manage power, resulting in higher ROI and longer LTV.
    Milwaukee Machine Works
Milwaukee Machine Works is a North American manufacturer of wind turbine
parts including, housings, torque arms, and gearboxes. MMW’s machining of wind turbine gear boxes, torque arms, armature housings, and components spans close to two decades. They have the solution, technology, and machining expertise to satisfy their customer’s stringent requirements. Their Leitz CMM also provides quality inspection capabilities for complex and large parts.
1. Architectural/Ornamental 2. Bridge/Structural 3. Fabrication
4. Industrial/Rigging/Machinery Moving 5. Reinforcing 6. Metal Buildings
The Project of the Year Awards recognize contractors who achieve outstanding SAFETY performance. Contractors and their ironworkers complete countless, complex projects throughout the
United States and Canada each year and truly deserve to be recognized nationally.
           Log onto to submit. (Projects must be completed within the calendar year Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2018)
  Generators | Maintenance & Repair Services
   Helwig Carbon Products, Inc.
Helwig Carbon is a manufacturer of carbon brushes, brush holders, and quick discon- nect fittings for wind turbine generators. They offer complete wind generator upgrades for longer service life. They also make a wind pitch motor bearing protection kit designed to protect pitch motors from premature bearing failure.
 Integrated Power Services (IPS)
IPS provides wind repair services, field services, and distribution for fleet owners and operators across North America. They back everything from wind generator repair, generator unit exchange, up-tower, or in-shop service and repair with one standard for safety, quality, service, repair procedures, and commercial terms. Their single-source wind turbine service capabilities make owning or managing wind power fleets more predictable and profitable.
  SGL Gelter
SGL Gelter, member of SGL Carbon is a world- wide manufacturer and provider of carbon brushes for wind power. Their brushes for wind are now installed around the world in generators, pitch control, lighting protection, and protection of main shaft and bearing.
Svendborg Brakes
Svendborg Brakes has created a cooling system for wind turbines, delivering a compact, simple to operate, cost effective, and reliable system. Specifically designed for cooling the generator and converter, Svendborg Brakes’ system uses materials that are lightweight and offer corrosion resistance. The system meets criteria set out by turbine manufacturers for global on and offshore applications. The pump unit has a simple operat- ing principle and maintenance is easy to perform. The water/glycol cooling system is controlled by a mechanical thermostatic mixing valve which allows it to run constantly without the need for complex sensors and control circuits. A heating system helps avoid condensation forming in the components and operates across temperatures ranging from -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C). Every system is tested for leaks, pressure settings, flow rates, and general operation. Svendborg Brakes’ technical support can provide advice on specifica- tions and installation.
   North American Clean Energy

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