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 Energy Storage | Grid Connection
 Analytic Systems
Analytic Systems manufactures digitally controlled intelligent pure sine wave inverters. It's a solution for any wind power supply; an SMP100 SolarMax Charge Controller and IPSi Series Inverter. Using the free-to-download Power Wizard software, the user can select output frequency, output voltage (within +/- 10% of the standard voltage), output frequency (50 or 60Hz), and low voltage shutdown parameters (to match the battery voltage) from any laptop through the standard micro-usb interface. Analytic Systems will work with their customers to provide solutions to their power conversion questions.
  Crown Battery Manufacturing Company
Crown Renewable Batteries are heavy weights with dense plates that use more active lead material, increasing battery performance and longevity. Crown currently leads the industry in lead content per ampere-hour of rated capacity. Their two-volt 2CRP3690 Power Module combines ampere-hour capacity availability to renew- able energy system users. The battery deliv- ers application flexibility, while providing an ideal solution for temperature management and electrical isolation.
PowerSafe ESG batteries by EnerSys are designed to provide 187-935 amp-hours (Ah) of capacity range to handle the challenging load profiles and service conditions of utility applica- tions, including substations that support wind farms. The configuration of five multi-cell 4-volt units (185, 234, 281, 354, and 418Ah) reduces the footprint of the PowerSafe ESG battery
to enable minimal occupation of floor space. Individual terminal posts on each cell facilitate integration of battery monitoring and test equip- ment used in routine maintenance and inspec- tion. The Slide-Lock post seal accommodates natural plate growth over time for maximum reliability and reduced maintenance.
   ESS Inc.
ESS' All Iron Flow Battery, Energy Warehouse (EW) uses iron, salt, and water for its electrolyte and simple off-the-shelf materi- als for battery components. The EW is a durable, environmen- tally safe, long-duration storage system that's specially designed for time-shifting renewable energy on a daily basis, managing a facility’s demand or TOU charges and smoothing intermittency of renewables on a constrained grid. ESS has designed this all iron electrochemistry to allow the EW to operate at high efficiency over an unlimited number of deep charge and discharge cycles, with no capacity fade over a 25-year operating life, and with minimal annual (O&M).
  Nel Hydrogen
Nel Hydrogen manufactures both utility scale Atmospheric Alkaline Electrolysers and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolysers to capture curtailed power in hydrogen for energy storage and grid management. The Atmospheric Alkaline systems are economical and
a solution for carrying the base load. While the PEM systems are also able to carry the base load, they are able to react instantaneously to fluctuations in energy output from the resource (solar panels, wind turbines, etc.), making them suitable for grid balancing as well.
  NextGen NRG Pty., Ltd.
The Mini Power System (MPS), a renewable energy generation and storage system, enables users to generate, store, and consume their own clean, free energy. The system allows homes and businesses to take their electricity needs entirely off the grid. The MPS permits up to five simultaneous natural inputs (solar, wind, hydro, gas, and genera- tor) with a single inverter, no additional controllers or complicated wiring required.
Ayres Associates
Ayres Associates is a multi-specialty engineering firm providing an array of capabili- ties that apply directly to the wind industry including: survey, geospatial mapping and imagery services; site-civil engineering; pre- and post-construction asset (i.e. roadway and structures) inventory; construction management; transportation design; master planning; and environmental services. They perform energy-related projects nation- wide, often in remote areas, and have procedures to facilitate rapid staff mobilization with a focus on communication and relationship building.
Commonwealth Associates, Inc.
Commonwealth provides consulting, owner's engineering, program management, detailed design, electrical system studies, and interconnection expertise for power generation and power delivery projects. Supporting their generation, substation, and transmission and distribution line engineering services are environmental experts, battery storage experts, licensed land and right of way brokers, and licensed drone pilots, to meet all of their clients’ project needs.
         Renewable Energy Construction + Services
Wanzek delivers excellence through our commitment to safety, expertise in construction
planning, exceptional services and outstanding teams.
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