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 2019 wind buyers guide
Nergica is a centre of applied research that stimulates innovation in the renewable energy industry through research, technical assistance, technology transfer, and technical support for businesses and communities. Its mission is to create new opportunities for renewable energy. More precisely, Nergica specializes in develop- ing solutions for renewable energy integration, optimizing wind farm and solar array perfor- mance, and supporting growing SMEs. Known until recently as the TechnoCentre éolien, Nergica has been active for nearly 20 years and is an official college centre for technology transfer (CCTT) affiliated with the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles.
University College at the University of Denver
Highly flexible, a University of Denver education through University College provides career- focused content that can be immediately applied on the job. Build upon current talent and master new skills with affordable education designed and delivered for busy adults. Pursue a master’s concentration or graduate certificate in Energy and Sustainability, Environmental Analytics and Reporting, Environmental Management, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Policy, or Environmental Health and Safety.
 Electrical Equipment & Services | Power Generation
  ABB Installation Products, Inc.
ABB Installation Products, Inc. is a wind- power system component and connec- tions supplier, dedicating to making wind power efficient, reliable, and economical. ABB Installation Products provides these solutions by ensuring its products are made from high-quality materials with designs that reduce the number of parts, simplify installation, and reduce mainte- nance costs. Some of the ABB Installation Products available for the wind power industry include metal framing, current- limiting fuses, connectors, conduit and fitting systems, and UV-resistant cable ties. ABB Installation Products Inc. also provides training for the correct installation and maintenance of these products.
   Alencon Systems
Alencon builds a variety of power conversion products that can be cost effective enablers of PV alongside existing wind installations. Using Alencon’s DC-DC optimizers, turbine manufac- turers can integrate PV with wind using the resident capability already found in that turbine’s converter, eliminating the need for additional BoS equipment such as inverters, which can result in a large cost savings.
   Electrical Consultants, Inc. (ECI)
Electrical Consultants Inc. (ECI) was incor- porated in 1985. For over 30 years, their in-house portfolio of services, including overhead and underground transmission engineering, substation and switchyard design, industrial power systems design, land survey and construction staking, right-of-way services, environmental planning, project management, construc- tion management, and procurement services have provided a key resource for hundreds of utilities. ECI brings extensive experience in power delivery services through 500kV to their clients.
 G&W Electric
After over a century of service and innovation in electrical system solutions and products, G&W Electric fully understands the needs and goals of each customer’s application. The engineers at G&W Electric deliver robust solutions built to help overcome application challenges. Whether mission critical, or requiring technologies for tomorrow’s smart grid, the right solution can be found among G&W Electric’s suite of medium voltage switchgear, system protection, cable accessories, and automation products.
  Ingeteam, Inc.
Ingeteam offers solutions for wind turbines of up to 15MW, including power converters, generators (Indar), turbine controllers, Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS), Smart SCADA management systems, and O&M services. The company is an independent converter supplier for wind applica- tions, including low and medium voltage power converters, optimized for DFIG and FC topologies; power converters, specifically designed to fulfill the strictest grid codes; air cooled, air/water cooled, and full water cooled solutions for harsh environments. Their offerings are based on IGBT power semiconductors and equipped with a web application service tool that allows monitoring and remote control.
SPX Transformer Solutions
SPX Transformer Solutions provides medium and large power transformers up to 1200MVA, 345kV as well as power transformer, LTC, and circuit breaker components, including a line of Transformer Health Products. SPX Transformer Solutions also offers a variety of substation- applicable training classes for all skill levels and provides complete transformer service solutions for almost any manufacturer's units, including installation, maintenance, reloca- tion, testing and engineering assessments,
oil processing, dryouts and retrofits, correc- tive and preventative maintenance, load tap changer field retrofits, and repairs.
   Fibox Enclosures
Fibox Enclosures specializes in corrosion- resistant polycarbonate enclosures for the electrical power generation indus- try. Their NEMA 4X enclosures protect products from hostile environments and resist impacts and UV damage, making them ideal for wind energy farms. Fibox can also customize their products to meet exact project requirements.

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