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             2019 wind buyers guide
Safety Work Apparel
Blaklader, a Swedish Company, manufactures functional workwear for all workers' needs. Within the clean energy segment, their FR styles 1636, and now 1676, are tested and compliant with NFPA 70E. 1636 and 1676 work pants are HRC compliant, with an 11 calories/cm2 arc rating.
   Thrive Workwear
Thrive Workwear's protective work apparel has been providing solutions to the wind industry for nearly 10 years. Their line-up of clothing includes Flame Resistant work pants, FR work shirts, FR base layers, and FR outerwear designed specifically for wind techni- cians and construction workers. Their work pants feature full-time knee protection built-in with patented SQUISH pad technology.
 Small Wind Turbine Mfg (Under 100kW)
BE-WIND has been developing small urban wind turbines for clients around the world. They use aerospace technology and materials for ensured structural and longevity in their products. They have intro- duced a small, maintenance-free turbine with never brake technology. Also available are new composite materials and low cost structural installation options.
 Flower Turbine
Flower Turbine’s aerodynamically advanced small vertical axis drag type turbines are efficient due to innovations in the turbines and how they are placed; they actually make their neighbors perform better. They are a solution for customers with a large flat roof or parking lot structure to build a small farm of 10 or more turbines. Each has a choice of 2, 3, or 5kw electronics. Residential Flower Turbines will be available soon.
Software Supplier
   Indji Systems
Designed specifically for wind farm operations, Indji Watch provides awareness of significant weather events that endanger employees, disrupt operations, and impact profit. The intuitive interface allows users to monitor weather events and threats specific to their farm in real-time, on their desktop or mobile device, enabling them to make quick, intelli- gent decisions. Indji Watch uses NOAA high-resolution models and light- ning prediction tools to assist in day-to-day operations and maintenance scheduling. The daily reports and Lightning Fault Analyst enables users to save time and money by finding damage early.
 Isotrol USA, LLC
Bluence, by Isotrol, is a complete suite of solutions to monitor control and manage renewable energy plants. Designed for all activities of power plant owners, assets managers, operators, technicians, and investors to get the most out of a single plant or a mixed portfolio of renewable energy plants.
JobNimbus offers a fully mobile sales and production management software with features including interactive boards, customizable workflows, and photo uploads. Enter new leads and move them through the sales pipeline. Everything in JobNimbus is organized into job folders, including notes, emails, tasks, contracts, photos, estimates, and more. The entire pipeline can be viewed and interacted with in a digital whiteboard to see where everything is and what's up next. With a mobile app (iOS, Android), JobNimbus provides tools in the field to capture lead information, take and upload pictures to a job folder, and create estimates on the spot. The app works in offline mode to provide uninter- rupted productivity anywhere. Featuring integra- tions for canvassing, QuickBooks, and EagleView, JobNimbus is a one-stop solution for managing business from the field or in the office.
Steel Supplier
Leeco Steel
Leeco Steel, headquartered in Lisle, IL, maintains a large inventory of carbon, HSLA and alloy steel plate, including EN steels such as S355 J2, K2, and NL, as well as all ASTM grades suitable for wind tower applications. Their extensive stock is housed in 10 strategi- cally located distribution centers in North and South America, able to serve wind energy customers with their steel plate needs.
Testing | Inspection Services
BladeEdge takes a proactive approach to blade lifecycle management with capture, compute, and consume methodology. BladeEdge assists
in providing effective wind farm management
by adopting an entire process to ensure efficien- cies across the board. Starting with a piloted drone inspection to capture data on every square centimeter of every blade, they then compute the data with BladeEdge Analytics, an artificial intel- ligence-driven software portals which transforms big data from aerial inspections into actionable intelligence that informs maintenance and
repair decisions. Lastly, they enable their clients to consume the inspection data with the easy-to- navigate BladeEdge User Dashboard.
  The World’s Most Efficient High-Capacity Low-Sag Conductor
l Increase Line Capacity l Mitigate Thermal Sag l Reduce Line Losses
Over 60,000 km at over 550 projects in 50 countries
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