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The MIT410/2 is a handheld field rugged instrument that performs the fundamental test of electrical system reliability, insulation resistance. It also performs a regime of corollary tests which help the operator fine tune the final assessment. It offers preventive and predictive maintenance on generators and cables up to 200 gig ohms. The unit is rated CAT IV 600 volt protection from arc flash/ arc blast. It also measures ac and dc voltage.
   MISTRAS Group, Inc.
MISTRAS Group is a provider of asset protection services
for the North American wind energy industry. Their Rope Access Center of Excellence performs at-height inspections, light mechanical services, and condition-monitoring on wind turbine blades, towers, gear boxes, and transformers all over the continent. Their solutions include non-destructive testing (NDT) for internal and external inspection, laminate and coating repairs, drone inspections, blade installation and repair support, and fleet-wide condition-monitoring.
A provider of analytical modeling and test services for lightning phenomena challenges in wind turbine systems and structures, NTS helps reduce project lifecycle testing costs and provides valuable insight for key design decisions.
   Olympus America, Inc.
Olympus’ new IPLEX G Lite ultra-portable industrial videoscope helps provide fast, easy visual inspections of small or difficult- to-access locations. The lightweight, 2.5lb (1.15kg) videoscope features powerful imaging and measurement tools and is rugged enough to pass U.S. Department of Defense drop test standards (MIL-STD-810G). Dynamic image optimization, LED illumination, 60-frames-per second video, and interchangeable illumination sources (LED, UV, or IR) contribute to excellent image quality, while Responsive TrueFeel articulation and an oil-clearing tip facilitate faster, easier inspections.
  Q-Lab Corporation
Q-Lab Corporation is a global provider of material durability testing products. Q-Lab designs and manufactures standard test substrates as well as weathering, light stability, and corrosion testers. In addition, contract test services which include accelerated laboratory testing
are available at Q-Lab Florida, Q-Lab Arizona, and Q-Lab Deutschland. Outdoor exposure testing for weathering, lightfastness, and corrosion are available at Q-Lab Florida and Q-Lab Arizona. Nature’s elements can take a huge toll on outdoor use products. Q-Lab offers various products, testing services, and locations to ensure their customers’ products will stand the test of nature and time.
WindGuard North America, Inc.
WindGuard’s testing laboratory offers power performance measurements according to all established technical standards (for example IEC 61400-12-1). In addition, WindGuard has developed other methods to verify the power performance of wind turbines, implementing both ground-based and nacelle LiDAR technology. With the experience from hundreds of tests on turbine types
from 30 kW to 7.6 MW, they are a reliable partner for verifying warranted power curves as well as prototype testing. WindGuard is committed to providing extensive scientific, technical, and opera- tional services, which are unbiased and manufacturer-independent for onshore and offshore wind projects.
The HT Series from AcraDyne is an electric, high-torque bolting tool that provides accuracy, speed, and safety. When combined with AcraDyne’s controller, customers have a high-torque criti- cal bolting system that can handle tough and important bolting jobs. An accurate high-torque tool, it can deliver high speeds, and 50Nm - 12000Nm in an ergonomic, robust design with five handle configurations. With over 300 models to choose from, these tools are designed and made in the USA.
 Atlas Copco
Atlas Copco offers products and solutions that increase productiv- ity - the right solutions for all hydraulic torque, electric torque, pneumatic torque, manual torque, and hydraulic tension applica- tions. Atlas Copco’s Tensor Revo HA (High Access) provides tight- ening with ergonomics and usability. It’s durable, fast, and packed with smart features. Atlas Copco serves the wind power industry with assembly tools, equipment, calibration, repairs, and rentals.
    Chicago Pneumatic
Designed for aggressive use, the CP3850 is available in both
7 and 9 wheels. With a high performance 2.8hp motor, and weighing less than 6lbs., these robust tools provide a high power to weight ratio and ergonomics. Safety features include a double action safety lever and 220° guard to protect the operator from debris. Operators will find the 2.8hp governed motor, with their choice of a 6000, 7700, and 8500 rpm free speeds, to deliver high torque for maximum productivity. The CP3850 series grinders and sanders were engineered for contouring, deburring, cutting, and sanding in the metalwork- ing, transformation, manufacturing, and energy industries.
 Hi-Line Utility Supply
With over 10,000 products in stock, Hi-Line Utility Supply is a “one-stop-shop” for tools, safety equipment, rubber goods, and services for wind farms, electrical utilities, and contractors since
1960. Hi-Line also custom grounds and jumpers, tool repair, fiberglass refinishing, and rubber goods testing at two NAIL-accredited test labs (Gilberts, IL and Millbury, MA). Both warehouses house a large in-stock selection of rubber goods. Hi-Line also provides the required certifica- tion documentation to meet the unique needs of wind farms.
ITH Engineering
ITH Bolting Technology manufactures bolting tools and systems for thread sizes as small as M16 up to M510 and larger, includ- ing standard products and custom designs engineered based on customer needs. The full scope of tools includes hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic torque wrenches, and torque multipliers ranging from electric, pneumatic, and battery driven. ITH offers standard bolting system packages including tools and fasten- ers, and the maintenance-free bolting system which specifically includes ITH bolt tensioners and IHF tension fasteners.
Janicki Industries
Janicki Industries is a privately owned, full-service engineering and manufacturing company. Janicki manufactures tooling for wind energy blades made of composite materials and metals. Janicki fabricates auxiliary equipment: hinges, scaffolding, fixtures. Janicki is capable of tackling large projects, utilizing precision five-axis mills, large facilities with overhead cranes, curing ovens, and
large autoclave. Janicki has experience using many composite systems and metal forming, employing a 1,100 ton press. Janicki is proficient in transporting large products to a project location. They provide 100% in-house capability for the total tooling and equip- ment solution for wind energy customers.
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