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     2020 energy storage buyers guide
   Phocos Americas, Inc.
 The Phocos CIS-MPPT Series of charge controllers offer a solution for off-grid appli- cations such as telemetry, outdoor lighting, SCADA, and monitoring. This product was developed to ensure reliable battery protec- tion under extreme weather/environmental conditions that often results in damaged electronics. The robust CIS-MPPT Series also has advanced lighting controls, programmable load timing, is IP68, and can offer 2 years of performance data (with accessory). 5-year warranty, CE and RoHS compliant.
Cryogenic Energy Storage
Highview Power
  Highview Power is a designer and developer of a proprietary cryogenic energy storage technology that delivers reliable and cost- effective long-duration energy storage to enable a 100% renewable energy future. Its technology uses liquid air to store and deliver anywhere from 20MW/80MWh to more
than 20 MW/1.2GWh of energy. It delivers pumped-hydro capabilities without geographi- cal constraints and can be configured to convert waste heat and cold to power.
   Maysteel Industries, LLC
Maysteel designs and fabricates custom sheet metal enclosures to support renewable energy technology, includ- ing energy and battery storage, fuel cells, and electric vehicle (EV) charging. From meeting NEMA standards and
UL requirements to improving product scalability, they ensure their product can withstand environmental stressors and protect internal technology.
   Energy Storage Metering
   Continental Control Systems
Continental Control Systems is now offering fully assembled WattNode Energy Meters in UL 508A NEMA metal and poly enclosures. Enclosures are available with a three-phase circuit breaker, a fuse block, or without circuit protection. Any model of the WattNode; the revenue-grade meter or standard accuracy meter comes preinstalled when ordered with the enclosure. Designed for indoor and outdoor installations, the enclosure complies to UL 508A Type 3R, 4, 12 and 13. Fully assembled meter enclosures can be ordered through their e-commerce site.
  Energy Storage Systems
Atlas ESS
  Atlas Energy Storage Systems are inexpensive, high performing lithium ion based systems. All Atlas ESS products have approvals from nation- ally recognized test labs. Atlas products comply with the new provisions for energy storage systems in the 2017 edition of the National Electric Code (NEC). Professionals and DIYers alike can assemble NEC compliant Energy Storage Systems using Atlas components. Cabinets, BMS, and controls are available separately or in pre-assembled systems.
  BlueSolutions’ globally deployed solid-state Lithium Metal Polymer(LMP) energy storage technology is an advanced solid-state battery and energy storage design with important attributes of safety, high energy density, and high performance. Solid-state technology is insensitive to external temperatures, does not require cooling, and will not be subject to thermal runaway events. The LMP outdoor racks are suitable for hot, harsh environments, and remote locations. Its robust warranty is not subject to operating temperature or depth of discharge.
  A modular, lithium-ion based Energy Storage System, the ESS 7.0, ESS 9.0, and ESS X batteries can store a surplus of collected solar energy for later use and be used for both on-grid and off-grid applications. Energy can either be directed into the storage system or be fed into the public grid via an inverter. The ESS batteries have a usable capacity range from 5.4kWh to 8.05kWh and up to 12 ESS can be connected in parallel. This means meeting the energy storage needs of small residential locations to larger commercial systems is no issue. The ESS are compatible with 48V systems which avoids hassles seen with high voltage. Simple to set up and use, BMZ ESS batteries make energy storage easy.
     KORE Power
KORE Power designs and manufactures the 1500V Mark 1 Energy Storage System. Developed to lower installation and operation costs with higher efficiency, the Mark 1 includes proprietary NMC cells and modules, with innovative safety features, managed and optimized by the Mark 1 BMS. Their Mark 1 energy storage system delivers 110.7 kWh in a standard rack. KORE Power has 6 GWh of production capac- ity in 2020 with deliveries available as early as Q2 2020.
     MK Battery
MK Battery delivers the reliability and sustainability of the UltraFlex energy storage system and provides the power to dramatically reduce diesel consumption, CO2 footprint, and maintenance costs. The system combines ultracapacitor and battery chemistries in a single electrolyte, creating a maintenance-free hybrid cell with high efficiency, performance, and long lifetime throughput. It is reliable and robust for tough, off-grid locations and renewable applications, while scalable and versatile for single and three phase operations. The UltraFlex system is adaptable for existing or new solar arrays and recyclable with a positive end-of-life value.
A combination of high power, fast response, deep cycling, remote monitoring, temperature tolerance, and robust chemistry makes UltraFlex suitable for on-grid, off-grid, or weak grid energy storage applications.
     OutBack Power
The EnergyCell XLC battery system, complete with a 10-year warranty and cycle life, is a solution for today’s demanding off-grid, self-consumption,
and backup applications requiring large energy storage. A high cycle life
and charge acceptance of 300ADC delivers high performance with all the safety features of lead-acid technology and a modular design stackable up
to 177kWh of energy storage. The EnergyCell XLC’s technology delivers an improvement in service life, with up to 3800 cycles at 50% DoD. High capacity lead carbon provides a cost-effective solution.
 Based on LiFePO4 technology, TROES develops, designs, manufactures, and deliv-
ers safe, long-lasting, cloud-based energy storage systems that integrate TROES’ proprietary IoT and AI-based modular Battery Packs, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Enclosures, and Power Conversion System (PCS). These systems are rigorously tested. TROES offers “Customized-Off-The-Shelf”, scalable design and can cover a wide range of energy needs from 56kWh to over 100MWh and competitive financ- ing/leasing terms and short manufacturing lead times. TROES’ product has already passed CSA/UL certification and TROES has deployed systems in North America.

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