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                                             Shoals Technologies Group
The BLA is a component harness which makes use of the Shoals In-Line fuse and wire welding manufacturing process, and offers a site that is free of DC string combiners. All of the load is combined
in the large conductors that typically run between the string combiner and the inverter. There is no need to trench for DC feeders or hang string combiner boxes. And when booted with BAC connector, the entire array is plug-and-play, plug in the panel strings, plug into the inverter.
    WECS Renewables
WECS Renewables is a supplier to the storage, wind, and solar industries, filling the gap between technologies. Since 1982 WECS has assisted in new construction
and operations life-cycle renewal parts to facilitate owners/operators, contractors, and developers install and maintain equip- ment from Storage-to-Substations including associated Balance of Plant, solar system and wind turbine power conversion systems, wire and cable, LV and MV connectors, and IGBT/inverter repair, including inventory.
    Morningstar Corporation
The TriStar MPPT 600V (TS-MPPT-600V) is an innovative charge controller design. By accepting PV array input up to 600Voc, it enables installers to design systems with longer, fewer strings, reducing cabling and hardware which make installation and wiring easy and fast. Morningstar’s digital engineering combined with thermal management make the TS-MPPT-600V with TrakStar technology a charge controller that doesn’t require a cooling fan or fans.
   Grid emulation experts
Ahead of the grid and before your deadlines, we enable you to commission renewable energy projects.
 Mitigate construction and contractual risk
Commissioning services for wind and solar projects
Cost saving fuel efficiency programs Simulating grid conditions Readiness testing
Fluctuation testing in real-time Capitalize on tax incentives
Custom engineered systems
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