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 NorthStar BLUE+ Battery by EnerSys applies carbon technology for high cycle life and Partial State of Charge (PSOC) performance. Thin plate technology delivers long life and high power output. The NSB BLUE+ Battery is also UL1989- recognized and flame-retardant to meet UL94VO. It is built in the United States, has a two-year shelf life, offers fast, efficient recharge, and features special plastic components for opera- tion in a wide temperature range. Its product range is 40-210 amp hours.
   NEC Energy Solutions
NEC Energy Solutions, headquartered in Westborough Massachusetts USA, designs, manufactures, and integrates smart energy storage solutions for the electric grid and other applications with critical power needs. With over 900MW of energy storage installed, contracted, or awarded, NEC Energy Solutions provides megawatt-scale energy storage and proprietary software control systems that support the operation of the grid, while enabling more wind and solar generation to be installed.
     Rosendin Electric
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are fast becoming a key component of existing and future renewable energy strategies implemented by utility, municipal, developer and commercial clients throughout the
U.S. Rosendin supplies technology agnos- tic BESS solutions for most all frequency control and regulation, demand response, load shifting, peak shaving, microgrid, and backup power applications.
     Strata Solar
Strata Solar’s battery energy storage systems provide significant electric reliability, cost savings, and resiliency benefits. Strata’s energy storage technology paired with flexible business models enable their clients to meet their energy and environmental goals.
UL’s energy storage services help reduce the complexities associated with creating energy storage products and support manufacturers and integrators to deliver safer technologies to market. Their component testing, certification, and surveillance services help verify the integrity of the entire supply chain and help facilitate seamless introduction of products into the global marketplace.
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