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                              U.S. Battery Manufacturing
U.S. Battery Manufacturing has been build- ing flooded lead acid batteries since 1926 and manufactures deep cycle batteries specifically for many industries, worldwide. The company’s RE Series batteries are designed to provide high peak capacity, long cycle life, and reliability for use in industrial or residential renewable energy applications. RE Series batteries utilize the company’s XC2 formulation and Diamond Plate Technology to create an efficient battery plate, delivering high watt-hours per liter and watt-hours per kilogram.
  Batteries - Li-Ion
   Fortress Power
Fortress Power engineers announce the new eVault 18.5kWh battery. The eVault uses safe Lithium-Iron-Phosphate technol- ogy. It has a user-friendly front display
to monitor batteries’ capacity and power output. It is compact, powerful, and able
to stack up to 12 batteries in parallel (222kWh). Competitively priced, the eVault battery also comes with a 10-year warranty and 6,000 cycles.
     Durr MEGTEC, LLC
Dürr MEGTEC is a global turnkey supplier of custom single-side or simultaneous two-side coating lines, drying systems, and environmental solutions. Dürr MEGTEC has developed solutions for applications in lithium-ion battery electrodes, fuel cells, advanced composites, battery separators, solar films, membranes, clean room processes, and others. Its GigaCoater wide-web coating line for lithium-ion battery electrodes provides high- volume production of battery electrodes, with each GigaCoater capable of producing up to 3GWhr of electrode capacity per year on average. Dürr MEGTEC has also developed an easy-to-use laboratory coating line designed for short production runs. In addition, they offer a complete range of pollution control equipment consisting of oxidizers, solvent recovery systems, and distillation and purification systems.
                             North American Clean Energy

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