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     2020 energy storage buyers guide
  Battery Management Systems
 FUERGY has developed its own proprietary, scalable hardware device and AI-powered software called “brAIn”. This solution helps optimize energy consumption and maximize efficiency of renewable energy sources. Thanks to an automated energy management users can signifi- cantly reduce their energy costs and achieve a three-year payback period of the investment in renewables. FUERGY makes renewables effective and affordable for everyone.
Nuvation Energy
  Nuvation Energy’s Stack Switchgear (SSG) provides an integrated battery stack management solution that includes all the hardware and software required to integrate a battery stack into an energy storage system (ESS). Each SSG unit contains Nuvation Energy battery management system modules and is designed to be used with other products in the Nuvation Energy battery management system family.
Poweroad (Shenzhen) Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd.
  POWEROAD BMS has been designed to manage different chemistry lithium-ion cells, and is a full and mature solution for Commercial & Industrial (C&I) or Utility Energy Storage System (ESS) applications. 10ft/20ft/40ft containerized integrated ESS solution with POWEROAD BMS built-in and own CLOUD platform are also available. Key features include multistage operation and cascade protection, robust database management, multiple algorithm and dynamic correction, and intel- ligent management strategy.
 Span is introducing a new electrical panel designed for solar and storage. The Span panel serves as the center for connected power in the home. It provides all the safety features of a standard panel and adds real-time load monitoring and controls, customizable backup power prioritization, and embedded intel- ligence to optimize home energy. Span pairs with battery storage to provide customizable home backup through the Span app, allowing customers to choose and change their backup priorities.
Battery Testing, Inspection, Safety
  Advanced Test Equipment Rentals
Advanced Test Equipment Rentals is a rental and sales provider of test, measurement, inspection, and energy equipment, offering solutions for complex standards and requirements. Their extensive selection of equip- ment built by recognized manufacturers offers a variety of options to choose from. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals is A2LA accredited for ISO 17025 calibration and ISO 9001 certified.
     DNV GL
DNV GL’s global energy storage experts work with manufacturers, utilities, project developers, communities, and regulators to identify, evaluate, test, and certify systems that will integrate seamlessly with today’s grid. Through their dedicated labs and expertise around the world, they have created a combination of analytical and testing experience to help find energy storage solutions.
   Cornell Dubilier Electronics
Next generation inverter designs for renewable energy demand reliable DC link capacitors with higher capacitance values, voltage, and current ratings. Available in new case sizes and ratings, Cornell Dubilier’s Type 947D power film capacitors offer high bulk energy storage, ripple filter- ing, and life expectancy for wind and solar power inverter designs, as well as electric vehicle applications. Clients can select from hundreds of standard catalog listings, or connect with CDE engineers to develop special designs to their requirements.
 HARTING Americas
 For energy distribution and storage applications, HARTING supplies robust connectors for trans- mitting data, signals and power. They feature a modular design and can be assembled quickly. Their connectors are used to connect low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-power facilities. They can also be used for energy management and the corresponding control systems.
   Schaltbau North America
Schaltbau North American provides AC and DC contactors for critical applications. With renewable energies and the introduction of DC networks in manufacturing, the switching of high DC loads is gaining in significance. With their experience from railway technol- ogy, they are developing reliable contactors for all fields of use in which load circuits have to be switched on and disconnected securely. Their variety of DC and AC contactors range from contactors for battery voltages through to power contactors up to 4800V and 1100A.
     Sensata Technologies - Gigavac
Sensata Technologies’ GIGAVAC brand
HX Series EPIC (Extended Performance Impervious Ceramic) hermetically sealed High Voltage DC Contactors are small, UL508 approved contactors for 1000V hot switching. Utilizing the EPIC seal means these high voltage contactors exceed sealing requirements of IP67 and IP69. The HX series High Voltage Hermetically Sealed Contactors are particularly suited for inverter systems, battery packs, and combiner boxes in solar or wind power systems.

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