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     2020 energy storage buyers guide
 Energy Storage Systems - Grid- Connected
   Nel Hydrogen
Nel Hydrogen manufacturers Alkaline and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolysers, producing from 0.27 NM3 to 4,000 Nm3 of H2 per hour. Units can be grouped together into electrolyser plants for even larger production rates. Electrolysers are used to store excess electricity from renewable resources in the H2 bond. The H2 can then be sold
to industry (converting curtailed power to cash), or burned in a turbine or run through a fuel cell to put the stored energy onto the grid during periods of low generation or peak demand. Due
to their fast response times the PEM electrolysers are also used by renewable energy plants to balance the power the plant puts onto the grid.
 NX Flow integrates solar and storage solutions to improve return on investment for owners of solar power plants. At the core of the system lies an advanced vanadium flow battery, which is DC-coupled with the PV array for high round-trip efficiency. Energy that had been traditionally clipped and lost can now be captured and is available to generate additional kw-hours and revenue. The pairing of VFB technol- ogy with solar power offers a bankable long-duration storage option for asset owners.
   Sargent & Lundy
For more than 125 years, Sargent & Lundy
has provided broad-scope services on battery energy storage projects, including engineer- ing, consulting, construction support, and EPC services. Their experience spans the spectrum of markets, applications, interconnection requirements, and technology types. Clients include utilities, developers, financial institu- tions/lenders, constructors, and manufacturers.
   Energy Storage Systems - Off-Grid
   AIMS Power
AIMS Power offers everything needed for an offgrid and backup power system. They have a large selection of DC to AC power invert- ers, solar, racks, generators, batteries, solar charge controllers, wire, and other acces- sories for a complete power system. They have a power solution for any critical load such as small electronics, a large business, or home. AIMS Power has been in business for over 20 years providing energy independ- ence to thousands each year.
  Energy Storage Systems - Residential
Electriq Power
  Electriq Power is a US-based company that develops smart home battery storage solutions. Electriq helps homeowners harness the power of smart batteries to achieve a more renewable energy solution. Electriq Power systems are currently deployed across the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.
 SolarEdge is enhancing its StorEdge inverter
by transitioning to HD-Wave technology and providing a new backup interface, pre-fitted with an energy meter and auto-transformer for easier installations. The interface connects to an external power source and ≤3 inverters, each DC coupled to ≤2 batteries, to provide automatic backup power to the entire home (≤200A) or
to pre-defined critical loads. The offering is expected to be available in H1 2020.
Sullivan Solar Power
  Sullivan Solar Power is a turnkey solar power and energy storage installation firm servic-
ing Southern California, specializing in the LG Chem RESU battery. Using in-house electricians, Sullivan Solar Power offers residential solar with battery integration and develops and manages over 800 energy storage systems in the region.
Engineering Consultant
   Electric Power Engineers, Inc.
EPE is a full-service power engineer-
ing firm. EPE provides engineering
and consulting services to generation owners and developers, municipalities, electric cooperatives, and investor- owned utilities, both in the United States and internationally. Their services are integrated around a platform of analysis and software. Their services include T&D Planning, Generation Interconnection, Smart Grid, NERC Compliance, Energy Market Analysis, and Energy Integrated (ENER-i) Software Platform.
SIBA FUSES is proud to be the world leader in Energy storage protection. SIBA Fuses (ESS) fuses have been 100% specifically designed and tested for the stringent requirements of (ESS) Energy Storage applications and have been utilized by large OEM’s globally. New ESS 1500VDC 63A-2000A fuses with high breaking capacity. When you need true solutions, you will find that SIBA Fuses is the one stop you need to make to resolve all your Energy Storage protection requirements. We have a full-time Sales and Engineering staff, who are anxious to assist with time-critical requests. We’re very confident you will appreciate our efficiency, product knowledge, superior technology, and the imaginative solutions that we can offer.
TEL: (973) 575-7422
FAX: (973) 575-5858

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