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     2020 energy storage buyers guide
  Signal Energy Constructors
 Signal Energy Constructors is a design/build general contractor providing EPC services to the solar, wind, and energy storage markets. Their engineering and project teams are possess the experience and expertise to build stand-alone energy storage projects or integrate energy storage into the design and construction of renewable energy projects.
   Trimark Associates, Inc.
Trimark provides flexible, modular energy management solutions for combined
PV and storage systems (PV+S). These solutions reflect Trimark’s expertise in managing a wide array of on-site energy applications. Trimark’s integrated PV+S control solution enables reliable, predict- able energy generation which leads to greater revenue from site production. This solution simplifies many tasks, including firming renewable production, controlling energy flow, optimizing asset opera- tions, and stabilizing the grid. Trimark’s PV+S solution ensures sites adhere to
the requirement of their Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). This solution enhances the PV-to-inverter loading ratio, so developers own affordable, efficient, and profitable systems.
    Wanzek Construction, Inc.
Wanzek Construction, Inc., is a general construction contractor and industrial services company in North America. They partner with their clients to provide solutions through their commit- ment to safety, planning, execution, and teamwork. Wanzek serves many industries including Renewable Energy Construction and Services, Power, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Crane Services, Agriculture, and Industrial Services.
   Fuel Cells
 GenCell Energy
 GenCell Energy develops hydrogen-based alkaline fuel cells that generate reliable, zero- emission, and cost-efficient off-grid and backup power. The G5 long-duration UPS provides smooth, uninterrupted power to back up opera- tions for any duration from seconds to 24+ hours. The G5rx provides immediate backup power with extended runtime for utility substa- tions. The A5 off-grid solution extracts hydrogen from liquid ammonia to power telecom towers and for rural electrification.
Hybrid Energy Storage Systems
Hybrid Energy Storage Solutions S.L.
  The SHAD solution is a HESStec’s patented proprietary technology, defined as Hybrid Energy Storage Solution (HESS) based on a flexible hardware and software platform. This enables a combination of multiple types of storage technologies (batteries, ultracapacitors, flywheels, fuel cells, etc.) optimized for specific customer uses at different levels of the electri- cal network, covering a myriad of grid applica- tions from renewable energies integration, utility-scale applications and microgrids
  COTEK offers five series of pure, sine-wave inverter and inverter chargers for off-grid and backup applications designed to meet the needs of the solar industry. COTEK inverter models range from 200W-4000W with a DC input of 12V, 24V, or 48V. The new SC and SL series of bi-direc- tional inverter chargers come equipped with 5 operating modes and features such as power sharing and current limiting. COTEK also offers standalone inverter and battery charger options through the SP, SD and CX series.
   Growatt New Energy
 Growatt 8-10kMTLP-US is a PV solution for residential systems. It comes with wide input voltage range and maximum efficiency of 97.8%. It’s of compact design and is easy to install. Having 3 MPPTs, the system configuration is easy and flexible to fit different roofs. It is compliant with UL1741 SA and CA Rule 21. Furthermore, with Growatt OSS (Online Smart Service) it becomes convenient for customers to monitor and maintain the PV system from their smart devices.
Ingeteam’s turnkey storage inverter station is a UL 9540 and UL 1741 SA compliant MV solution. Comprising one, two, or three bidirectional battery central inverters for both grid-connected and stand-alone systems, it combines Ingeteam’s overall expertise in the power conversion field (+54GW supplied worldwide), plant control technology, and monitoring solutions.
With a flexible design, Ingeteam’s storage inverter offers a high-power density in a single power block, providing different configurable operating modes. It is avail- able in two different series, 1000Vdc and 1500Vdc (610kVA to 1,640kVA), and features advanced battery control technology which extends the maximum life of the storage system. Ingeteam also supplies the Power Plant Controller and SCADA systems, as well as commissioning and O&M services.
   Sensata Technologies
 Sensata Technologies’ battery backup power conversion system systems offer a modular system to meet energy needs. Quickly learn one platform and install in multiple configu- rations for any application. Magnum Panel Systems (MP) and Magnum Energy inverter/ chargers were designed to be easily assem- bled and programmed on site by one person, saving time and labor costs.
 SMA America
 This DC coupled storage solution is built for new PV plants, and can be used to retrofit existing plants for operators who want the benefits of solar-plus- storage. The DC coupled storage solution consists of SMA’s Sunny Central UP-US with a DC coupling ready option and up to six 500kW DC-DC convert- ers. In many utility-scale applications, DC coupling can offer significant operating cost and efficiency advantages over AC coupled systems. This storage solution can also be integrated into SMA’s turnkey Medium Voltage Power Station (MVPS).
   Ginlong Technologies
Maximize self-consumption with the new Solis Hybrid Storage Inverter and bring relia- bility to solar-plus-battery systems. Designed for flexibility and performance, this intelligent hybrid platform offers 7 models, all featuring safety components and dynamic MPPTs to ensure maximum ROI. Easy to install and easy to program, the Solis hybrid inverter delivers long-term performance without troublesome truck rolls. Compatible with 120V-500V lithium batteries, the Solis smart home solution provides stable, solid returns.
     TMEIC Corporation
TMEIC introduces the Solar Ware Ninja, a photovoltaic inverter and energy storage system. The advanced PV inverter is modular and stackable for multiple PCS power blocks. The system is configurable into multiple solutions, including PV only, stand-alone energy storage, or as a PV+ESS independent solution. Application flexibility is built-in, with multiple ratings allowing customization for small, 2MW projects up to large-scale projects.

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