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 2019 wind buyers guide
     Cornell Dubilier Electronics
100% of Cornell Dubilier Electronics' 947D DC Link capacitors are conditioned at accel- erated temperature and voltage before they leave the factory. They’ve demonstrated this process eliminates infant mortal failures and produces thermally and electrically stable DC Link Capacitors.
KRACHT CORP. is a subsidiary of KRACHT GmbH in Germany. KRACHT, is a medium- sized, family-run business with 425 employ- ees. KRACHT is a manufacturer of transfer pumps (e.g. noise optimized for air contain- ing oils), hydraulic motors, high pressure gear pumps, valves, pump units, gear type flow meters, and electronics. KRACHT CORP. is located in Maumee, OH.
 Kuma Brake Pads
KUMA Brake Pads is a manufacturer of sintered friction material for wind turbine applications. The products are used on the hydraulic brake Galiper on the high-speed rotor. Designed according to OEM specifications for GE, Vestas, Gamesa, Siemens, Nordtank, Senvion, and
most turbines, KUMA sintered brakes pads and products are submitted to extreme conditions tests to ensure high quality. The product is manufactured in North America based on ISO 9001-2015 standards and is also approved by GE for its 1X and 2X turbine platforms.
  Lightning Bolt and Supply
Lightning Bolt offers a wide selection of ISO-DIN-EU fasteners that are commonly used in the wind turbine industry.
Mersen has made advances in the domain of genera-
tor slip-ring and carbon brush technology resulting in improved performance and reduced operating costs. The increased demand for additional power output or turbine up-ratings requires a deep technical understanding of the generator’s dynamic behavior and rotor loads in Double Fed Induction turbines. The SR13-15 is an upgrade to one of the most common wind turbine generators in North America. Its robust and enhanced design accommodates high operating loads and boosts up the initial limitations of the turbine. It has proven to run cooler, improve brush life, and increase turbine availability in high winds.
 Morgan Advanced Materials
Bearing fluting from electrical current is a major cause of
costly pitch motor failures. To protect these motors, Morgan offers grounding solutions which are fast and easy to install, even up-tower, and without the removing or disassembly of brakes. By shunting electrical current around the bearings,
they maximize protection of this valuable equipment. Morgan designs are lightweight, compact, and can retrofit existing motors. Morgan pitch motor grounding solutions come equipped with a constant force spring resulting in consistent brush pressure and a silver/graphite brush for low contact drop insur- ing this is the path of least resistance for current flow.
Motion Industries, Inc.
Motion Industries distributes industrial replacement parts and supplies such as bearings, mechanical and electrical power trans- mission, industrial automation, hose, hydraulic and pneumatic components, safety/industrial supplies, and material handling products to MRO and OEM customers throughout North America. Services provided to renewable energy facilities include repairs of hydraulic and electrical components, OEM parts conversion, committed inventory to reduce lead times, and field expertise in the areas of fluid power, electrical, hose and rubber, and pumps.
     Nordic Fiberglass Inc.
Nordic Fiberglass designs and manufactures chuted box pads for pad-mounted trans- formers installed in a slurry mix solution next to the tower pedestal. These chuted box pads provide a reliable and simple solution to protect underground cables from the tower to the transformer. Nordic also offers stilt support systems. These leveling legs for the box pad can be adjusted to obtain desired level height next to the tower pedestal. Nordic's three phase 35kV 600Amp sectionalizing cabinets house up to three, 3 or 4 pt. 35kV 600Amp junctions with U-straps if requested by the customer. 18" or 36" high extensions are available for large cables radius.
   SIBA Fuses
SIBA Fuses is a source for circuit protection applications, from solar power to wind power, and energy storage. They have been working for over 75 years in semiconductor fuses, including ULTRA RAPID, medium and high voltage, standard European, miniatures, electronic fuses, and a wide range of DC rated fuses (24VDC - 6000VDC) for all types of applications, including Power Conversion, Rectifiers, Inverters, Converters, Drives, UPS, and Traction Applications.
   STEGO, Inc.
STEGO develops products that heat, cool, ventilate, illuminate, and control temper- ature and humidity for enclosed electronic control systems. For over 35 years, they have offered Thermal Management solutions, which ensure the electronics in their customers’ installations are safe from extreme climatic conditions.
 United Equipment Accessories, Inc.
UEA is an international manufacturer located in Waverly, Iowa. Their product lines include slip rings, hydraulic swivels, cable reels, and shift controls for a variety of industries and applications around the world. Founded in 1952, UEA is a family-owned company which solves problems through innovative design and manufacturing solutions. UEA is ISO 9001:2008 Certified for quality control throughout the entire company and is able to create custom solutions for each of their customers.
WECS Renewables
WECS Renewables provides substation equipment, balance of plant, electrical controls, as well as electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical devices.

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