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 2019 wind buyers guide
     NTC Wind Energy
NTC Wind Energy’s patented IronClad bolt caps for the wind industry are made of UV resistant HDPE, manufactured specifically for the make and size of foundation anchor bolts. Bolt caps are intended to prevent water from intruding into the bolt sleeves, prevent the grease applied to the rod from dissipating by sealing it from air and water, and to mitigate the safety hazard of exposed bolts. All of NTC Wind Energy’s caps are precisely sized to assure a good fit on the flats of the nut, thereby maintaining a positive seal against the tower flange at the flexible bottom “skirt” of the cap. They can be purchased in black or white, standard, or extreme duty, and multiple lengths.
Blade | Tower Manufacturer & Repair
LM Wind Power A/S
Capturing the wind in remote places, in all types of weather, calls for reliability. LM Wind Power’s wind turbine blades are advanced creations: designed, manufactured, and validated with refined tools to ensure they can endure the forces of nature for more than 20 years. Technology plays a central role in the design of each wind turbine blade type, taking into account several factors such as materials, aerodynamics, blade profile, and structure. These factors define the performance and reliability of the blade and require a high degree of precision.
MFG Texas
MFG Texas in Gainesville manufactures made to order composite components and provides year round in-factory repair and refurbishment services for blades. Their services include; factory repair of damaged turbine blades; blade reconditioning and repowering, including new lightning protection and tip extensions; recoat- ing blades and leading edge coat protection; made-to-order replacement balance boxes, close-out platforms and flanges, root-band covers, flex brackets, hatch covers, and other components; and made-to-order edge protectors for lifting and transportation operations.
    MFG Wind Energy Services
MFG Energy Services provides wind blade maintenance and repair, wind blade inspection, as well as in-factory and field composite component (blades, nacelles, spinners) repairs.
   Rope Partner
Rope Partner is a provider of quality at-height tower and blade mainte- nance services domestically and internationally. By combining a highly trained work force and utilizing rope access, suspended platforms, and Bronto skylifts, they deliver a cost effective approach to their clients. They are committed to building safe, long lasting, mutually beneficial working relationships resulting in extending asset life.
 TPI Composites
TPI is a U.S.-based independent manufacturer of composite wind blades for the high-growth wind energy market supporting global wind turbine manufac- turers. TPI operates composite products manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia. Their products provide high strength, light weight, and durability. TPI has over five decades of innovation and expertise in manufacturing large-scale composite structures of high quality at a competi- tive total delivered cost to their customers.
Cable, Wire, & Conduit
   American Wire Group (AWG)
American Wire Group (AWG) is a single solution for all types of electri- cal conductors and hardware required to construct and maintain wind and renewable generation projects—for low, medium, and high-voltage applications. Save schedule time and costs with AWG’s ability to supply an entire project’s cable requirements from stock. AWG inventories 35-kV UL MV-90 and UL MV-105 Collection System Cables in aluminum conductor in all standard sizes, including 1/0, 4/0, 500, 750, 1000, and 1250 (available in both CN or CTS). All of AWG’s Collection System Cables carry a 20-year factory warranty, ensuring protection for the longevity of projects. AWG also inventories the following: fiber optic; copperclad steel grounding; bare copper; transmission cables; OPGW; static wire; low-voltage cables; control cables; and associated hardware.
  Cameron Wire & Cable, Inc.
Cameron Wire & Cable provides LV, MV, and HV (Aluminum and Copper) wind tower, nacelle, and site cables. Cameron offers cost-effective pricing and high performance cables for all applications, and will custom- ize the cable package, offering cut-to-length or bulk cables, accessories, labels, and lugs supplied in kits. They also offer inventory management and will warehouse planned goods at no charge, shipping the same day to satisfy tight job deadlines.
   CTC Global
CTC Global, in association with 20 international manufacturing partners, produces the High-Capacity, Low-Sag ACCC Conductor. The ACCC conductor carries twice the current of other bare, overhead conductors with 25% to 40% less line losses. The use of ACCC can help reduce upfront capital costs for the tie line, and improve the overall economics of the generation project—reduced line losses translate into more power delivered for any wind energy investment.
HELUKABEL’s HELUWIND WK line of copper and aluminum cables are made to be used throughout the turbine: rotor tip to the power grid. HELUKABEL offers an array of copper power cables, fiber optic and copper data cables, and communication cables to monitor the multitude of sensors in the nacelle. HELUWIND WK cables have been rigorously tested to withstand more than 15,000 torsion cycles. Their UL/CSA, CE, and VDE-listed aluminum and copper cables down tower cables are rated up to 35kV. An extensive connector range, which allows copper to copper, aluminum to aluminum, and aluminum to copper connections, ensures that HELUKABEL can provide the proper fit, no matter the conductor material used.
Petroflex N.A., Ltd
Petroflex is an extruder of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) duct and accessories. PNA CableGuard is a solution for both domestic and interna- tional clean energy initiatives. They provide cable-in-conduit for control and cabling at both wind and solar farms. Long continuous run lengths
of fiber optic cable duct, up to 14000' on 1"IPS, minimize splicing. Cable or fiber installed in conduit at the factory ensures additional protection before, during, and after installation.

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