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 2019 wind buyers guide
Adhesives, Sealants & Surface Treatment
   3M Wind Energy
3M designs solutions for wind turbines that enhance reliability, improve perfor- mance, and provide protection against weathering and harsh environments. 3M Wind Blade Protection Tape 2.0 helps shield the leading edge of wind turbine blades from damage caused by minor impacts and erosion due to rain, sand, dirt, and other debris. The product is created from a tough, transparent polyurethane elastomer that resists puncture, erosion, and UV rays. The tape also provides a fast and easy application process, extending maintenance and service levels.
 American Polywater Corporation
Polywater products increase electrical reliability by keeping water, rodents, snakes, and insects from entering electrical equipment. Polywater InstaGrout is safe to use, won’t collapse, and doesn’t need water to mix. InstaGrout flows around conduits in transformers, sectionalizing cabinets, combiner boxes, and inverters to seal the windows and preventing intrusion in the structure. Polywater FST sealant seals conduits to prevent water, gases, and animals from passing though conduits causing outages. FST stops 22ft of water head pressure, is gas tight, and is re-enterable. Polywater has the right cleaners for medium voltage splicing, live line insulating tools and rubber goods, and up tower maintenance.
GS Manufacturing
GS Manufacturing specializes in custom built dispensing systems for composite fabrica- tion. Their 2 component high output bonding systems are used throughout the world for wind blade manufacturing.
    H.B. Fuller Company
H.B. Fuller’s high strength structure adhesives require little or no surface preparation. Five to nine minutes for fixture time, and reaches 80% ultra- strength in 20 minutes. This product achieves high strength of thermal aging, good toughness, and an easy-to-peel adhesive layer with high impact and peel strength. High strength structure adhesives offer resistance to environmental conditions as well as high tolerance to off-ratio mixing.
   Mankiewicz Coatings
Mankiewicz’s two new advanced coatings products maintain turbine blade surfaces for optimal performance and efficiency. BladeRep5 is a fast setting putty that dries in one hour with the same profile-building and sandability traits of other Mankiewicz surfacing putties. And Mankiewicz’s new ALEXIT Leading Edge Protection single-coat only requires one-coat application and provides substantial cost savings thanks to less application time. Field testing has proved significantly longer product performance. Mankiewicz’s coatings also meet the requirements of the cosmetic blade maintenance market.
   Sika Corporation
Sika Wind Repair solutions help turbines get back on line quickly
and efficiently. SikaForce-7800 series fast-sanding surface fillers can be applied in a broad range of temperatures between 40°F to 90°F effectively extending the repair season. The fast 30 minute curing time allows for quick sanding time characteristics and finishing. Sikadur Blade Repair Kits are fast curing epoxy resin systems for structural laminating repairs. Sikadur Blade Repair Kits are GL approved and can reach OEM specified performance as little as 30 minutes.There is no special equipment, Sika Wind Repair products are available in easy, ready-to-use packaging so there is no field mixing required.
Anchor Bolts | Fastening Systems
 Cooper & Turner
Cooper & Turner is a manufacturer of high quality, high strength, safety critical, large diameter (M16 to M100) hex bolts, double ended studs, and thread rod. Employing automation (including in process NDT inspection) and robotics results in high quality and consistent products, having full lot trace- ability, for supplying the global wind turbine market, OEM’s, and major tiers as well. Recently opening an anchor bolt manufacturing plant in Pueblo, CO., they use 100% USA material and manufacturing, producing anchor bolts to ASTM A615 Grade 75 and Grade 90, plus ASTM A722 Grade 150, with all accessories (nuts, washers, and PVC sleeves), with bolt caps and grease optional. All assemblies are tested in a USA independent lab.
Fastenal Manufacturing services customers in the wind energy industry by providing MRO fasteners as well as OEM parts to the original equipment/ parts manufacturers, construction sites, and operating wind farms. Fastenal Manufacturing meets wind-specific material specifications of A615 Grade 75 and A722 Grade 150, available in 1-1/4 – 4.0 and 13/8 – 3.0 thread sizes in both stud and nut.
    Heico Lock
The HEICO Group offers a wide array of products. HEICO-LOCK WEDGE- LOCK WASHERS are a reliable locking system for demanding bolted joint applications including those under extremes of vibration or dynamic loads. The HEICO Group continues to expand its product portfolio with the addition of the HEICO-TEC TENSION NUT, which provides easy, fast, and reliable assembly of large bolted joints. HEICO-TEC TENSION NUT eliminates the need for complex, bulky, or heavy tools, and makes secur- ing large bolted joints convenient and easy.
The UL Listed Ratchet P-Clamp delivers cable management performance in a wide range of environments. Wind farm operators are sensitive to the costs associated with repairs and routine maintenance, especially in tight spaces and under challenging conditions. Ratchet P-Clamp is a flexible cable manage- ment solution that can be opened and closed again without removal from the mount. It can self-adjust to bundles, with just four sizes covering diameters from 1/4" to 2". The mounting plates are available in different lengths and angled orientations for a more customized fit. They are offered in zinc plated and stainless-steel options to enhance corrosion resistance.

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