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                                                                                                                                Condition Monitoring
   Bachmann Electronic
Bachmann integrates its condition monitor- ing solution in the automation and links
the measured values to other operating parameters. This increases the diagnostic reliability of the condition monitoring; fault patterns can be compared to the current operating situation and interpreted with greater accuracy. A systematic control enables mechanical loads to be reduced.
In this way, adjusted operating conditions can extend the lifespan of partly damaged parts up to the next plannable maintenance date. Besides the hardware and software, Bachmann's system offering includes worldwide Monitoring Service to evaluate the measured data collected with the CMS module in extensive analyses.
 Dynamic Ratings
Dynamic Ratings’ E3 and C50 units can be deployed to handle condition-based monitoring in wind and solar assets and station service batteries subject to NERC PRC compliance
and reporting. DR’s visualization software, DynamicMetrix, provides an asset health
index and integrates monitored information. Customers have web access to view real-time information and to download historical data. Dynamic Ratings can also monitor the informa- tion and notify their customers when conditions fall outside normal parameters.
The EASY-LASER alignment systems are specially configured with functionality and hardware
suited for wind turbine alignment. No matter
the manufacturer, coupling, or turbine type, EASY-LASER makes generator-to-gearbox align- ment inside any nacelle easy. The EASY-LASER flange systems are a solution for measuring flatness on tower flanges regardless of diameter, as well as for solving flange deformation problems.
  Construction Products & Services | EPC Contractor
Black & Veatch
The ever-increasing demand for renewable energy presents new challenges for power producers given the variable nature of generation and distributed nature of assets. Understanding the market, various regulatory program changes, and geographic considerations is critical to a successful project. Black & Veatch can assist with site selection, environmental permitting, financial due diligence for owners and financiers, transmission and interconnection support, and full EPC services in the wind market.
   Blattner Energy, Inc.
Blattner Energy is an EPC contractor
in renewable energy construction with more than 35,000 megawatts installed across North America. Blattner provides complete EPC services for utility-scale wind projects, including post-tension concrete tower supply and installation. Blattner
also serves utility-scale solar, energy storage, and high voltage transmission and substation projects. Blattner has a history for responding to client needs, delivering on aggressive project schedules, and self- performance on all major work activities
to ensure high levels of safety, quality, and overall client satisfaction.
CONSERTEK is involved in engineering, procure- ment, construction and sensors, and instrumen- tation/equipment commissioning, as well as maintenance as needed. Consertek LM Group
also designs, fabricates, and supplies high-quality anemometric instrument supports and accessories. All of their supports can be fabricated to suit any type of towers and can accommodate all common instruments. Their supports and accessories are compliant to the latest edition IEC 61400.
   Fagen, Inc.
Fagen, Inc. is a full service industrial contractor headquartered in Granite Falls, MN. Utilizing a database of over 10,000 employees, Fagen, Inc. has constructed a variety of projects including wind, solar, renewable fuels, and other industrial process facilities. Specializing in providing full EPC wraps to its client base, the company self performs civil, structural, siding, insulation, millwright, piping, instrumentation, electrical, and start up services.
           The Portable, Powerful Videoscope
LED Illumination:
Twice as bright as its predecessor (IPLEX UltraLite)
Interchangeable Illumination:
Easily switch between LED, UV, and IR
60 Frames-Per-Second:
Smooth, clear video, even when recording moving objects
Ultra-Portable Videoscope
Contact your local Olympus sales representative or visit:
Olympus offers rental equipment in the US. Call 24/7 at (281) 922-9300.
     Olympus and IPLEX are registered trademarks of Olympus Corporation.
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