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       Bare overhead conductor
CTC Global Corporation, based in Irvine, California developed, tested, and produces the composite core used in ACCC Bare Overhead Conductors. The ACCC Conductor, produced
in association with more than 30 international stranding partners including General Cable, Lamifil, Taihan and others, leverages advanced carbon fiber technology to help improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability, and resiliency
of electric power grids worldwide. The ACCC Conductor offers strength, high capacity and
low line losses. Line loss reductions range from
25 to 40% or more. Reduced line losses not
only reduces fuel consumption and associated emissions, it also frees up generation capacity that is otherwise wasted
CTC Global Corporation
Signs, tags, and markers
In-line fuses
These Stäubli MC4 in-line fuses are suitable for use with solar installations using Stäubli MC4 wire leads. These products utilize a special crimp connection directly to the fuse which guarantees a long-lasting, stable connection. This helps ensure low energy loss and long reliability. The fuse is housed in a rugged IP68-rated enclosure with integrated mounting points, and utilizes genuine Staubli MC4 PV connectors for connecting to the PV system. This product is configured as a ready- to-use cable harness device that is available in ratings up to 1500VDC and 30A; the total length
of this product is either 19.7" or 21.7" (50cm or 55cm) depending on voltage rating and available versions are UL-listed.
Outdoor vacuum circuit breakers
EMA Electromechanics is the designer and manufacturer of the VDH/GSMI, 38kV combined outdoor vacuum circuit breaker and high speed, mechanically interlocked grounding switch,
a patented system specifically designed for switching and grounding of wind and solar energy collection circuits. EMA also manufactures the VDH Series 38kV standard outdoor vacuum circuit breakers as well as the AIGS 38kV air insulated indoor metal enclosed switchgear fitted in the EMA E-House pre-fabricated enclosure.
EMA Electromechanics, Inc.
       Tech Products, Inc. has been making pole tags and substation signs for electric utilities since 1948. In recent years they have opened several new products lines due to a need to mark pad-mount transformers and circuit breakers. Everlast transformer markers are can permanently identify equipment in any weather condition.
Tech Products
Solar integration
Southern States LLC is committed to increasing utility systems reliability by delivering next generation switching, automation, and protection solutions. The TranSwitcher vacuum switching device, is a cost effective and reliable switching device that will reduce or eliminate rapid voltage change events by minimizing inrush currents when connecting solar generation to the grid.
Southern States, LLC
      The World’s Most Efficient High-Capacity Low-Sag Conductor
North American Clean Energy
Over 80,000 km at over 700 projects in 50+ countries
l Increase Line Capacity l Mitigate Thermal Sag l Reduce Line Losses
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