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Bringing renewable energy to market
Valmont Utility develops structures that enable electric power to be transferred from the generation source, power generation facility or renewable source such as a solar and wind production, to the end power consumer. As a provider of transmission and distribution
poles, transmission towers, substation components and renewable energy generation equipment, and a global manufacturing network, Valmont Utility excels in supply chain logistics in service, performance, and delivery.
Valmont Utility
Features just some of the companies and technologies attendees will see at this year’s show.
April 19th-23rd, 2020 McCormick Place Chicago, IL
The IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition has been designed to highlight the future while focusing on challenges that have been solved to achieve the current state of the power and energy industry. The conference provides attendees practical, solution-oriented topics, including case studies and lessons learned through a dynamic and robust series of super sessions, forum sessions, panel discussions, poster presentations, and tutorials. The conference also offers Professional Development Hours (PDH) and Continuing Education Units (CEU) certificates. PDH certificates can be earned by attending Super, Forum, and Panel sessions. CEU certificates are available for Tutorials, Plain Talk, and Leading Technical Teams courses.
Circuit protection fuses
SIBA Fuses introduces new 27kV fuses up to 160A in a single body using patented and laminated double-layer insulating tube. The new design has very low power losses. SIBA Fuses new range of SSK-type fuses in the switch-fuse combination
can replace expensive circuit breakers and can be used on transformers rated up to 3150KVA. SIBA’s special SSK-type fuse maintain the minimum breaking current at low dissipation and is specially designed for wind energy applications. SIBA Fuses (ES) fuses have been 100% designed and tested for the stringent requirements of (ES) Energy Storage applications and have been utilized by large OEM’s globally.
SIBA Fuses
Natural hazard monitoring and alerting
The Indji Watch solution partners with and delivers data from trusted and reliable sources to provide customers with accurate real-time weather alerts, and hourly-updating forecasts. Their Plan of Day dashboard helps to quickly identify rapidly changing weather at-a-glance, allowing users to be more proactive
in mitigating potential impacts to the operation and employee safety. From a system-wide overview right down to an individual asset, Indji Watch will ensure that their customers have an accurate picture of what the weather will be doing in the near future, as well as analytic capabilities to what happened in the past.
Indji Watch
Meter pedestal/box pad combination
Nordic Fiberglass’s GS-37-39-15- MP-MG-22x22 meter pedestal/box pad combination brings together
a transformer and meters into one convenient electrical system. A fiberglass box pad, available in a 15" or 24"
height, accommodates single phase transformers from 25kVA to 167kVA.
The box pad cavity provides a raceway for electrical cables to run from the transformer to the meter(s). Customers can install up to three meter enclosures on Nordic’s plastic meter pedestal. Large interior meter pedestal makes installing meters easy. Meter pedestal has penta- head locking and is pad-lockable.
Nordic Fiberglass, Inc.
Remote monitoring platform
Introducing Qualitrol’s new Remote Monitoring Platform for wind, solar, and small industrial transformers. Qualitrol combines a wireless sensor network and analytics platform to monitor
the condition of transformers across
the fleet so users can be alerted to potential failures and personnel safety risks requiring attention. This cost- effective and scalable remote condition monitoring platform provides real-time data and automated alerts to help prevent unexpected downtime.
Qualitrol Corporation

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