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    solar energy
       Customer-driven software, with extreme weather features
NEXTracker, a Flex company, has released NX Navigator,
a next-generation software and smart control system that enables power plant operators to efficiently monitor and securely control their solar assets for increased production and reliable operation across a wide range of weather conditions. With an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), NX Navigator builds on the company’s TrueCapture system with new monitoring data, maintenance controls and instant risk avoidance tools. For monitoring, plant operators are provided timely information for key parameters at the site, subfield,
and individual tracker levels, including precise array and angular values. For control, NX Navigator allows authorized PV plant operators to schedule maintenance operations such as cleaning and mowing, and instantly command the tracker for extreme weather events such as hail, hurricanes, and
heavy snow. In the case of hail, a single operator command will rapidly put the entire solar power array to a safe 60°
stow angle. This action will have the benefit of up to tripling the hail resistance module toughness and reducing damage potential. In the case of snow shed, an authorized operator can preschedule two snow shed operations in a single day, which increases production by reducing snow cover on solar panels.
NEXTracker ///
EcoFasten Makes Europe’s Fastest Solar Installation System Available to U.S. Market Popular, reliable, easy-to-install solar mounting system now available in the U.S.
EcoFasten is making its popular European ClickFit Rooftop Solar System available to all installers in the United States. The company has already received over 100MW of commitments for ClickFit and is continuing to take orders. ClickFit is a rail-based solar mounting system for composition shingle and tile roofs. The system saves solar installers considerable time on the job. During pilot and installs and tests, ClickFit has proven system installation rates
of 20 modules in only 90 minutes. ClickFit’s features allow the system to “click” together and thus a fast and straightforward installation process. The aluminum rail clicks onto either the L-foot or tile hook without the need to tighten additional fasteners, and the module clamps click onto the rails. Installers using ClickFit see a significant productivity increase over other rail-based systems.
Disrupting renewable energy with innovative technology
ISP Solar’s ‘Intensifying Solar Panels’ (“ISP”) patented panel-level intensifying solar technology results in power at half the cost-per- watt of any other solar panel. By incorporating conic mirrors that intensify the sun’s rays 20 times, ISP modules require just 1/20th of the photovoltaic cells of traditional panels to deliver the same performance. When coupled with
ISP’s proprietary silicon array, ISP’s intensifying solar technology boosts the performance so much that the resulting panel offers a much lower-cost alternative to traditional solar panels. By encapsulating mirror tracking mechanism inside the panel, ISP panels eliminate the need for heavy and expensive tracking systems. ISP modules save further expense as well as space, allowing them to be deployed in both utility- scale and rooftop systems for C&I and residential customers. The ISP module incorporates single- junction monocrystalline silicon with improved collector resistance, a large bus conductor, and conic reflective troughs to reach world-record- level efficiencies. ISP modules come with a full 25-year performance and equipment guarantee, in addition to their compelling economics.
ISP Solar ///
Single-bolt module installation in 11 seconds Array Technologies’ RapidClamp is a single-bolt PV module clamp technology which drastically decreases solar module installation times. It provides fast, simple three-step module installation, error- proof auto-alignment of modules, pre- assembled module clamp to minimize on-site assembly, a reliable mounting system with integrated electrical bond, no-slip octagonal torque tube clamping, and eliminates gaps between modules or protrusions above the module for simplified cleaning operations and maximum row density.
Array Technologies
 Those who count on wind or solar power systems to run their businesses, homes − and lifestyles − turn to Crown for renewable power storage solutions. We’ve been at the forefront of energy storage innovation since 1926 and offer tough, earth-friendly and budget-wise batteries to meet the needs of today’s RE system owners.
On- or off-grid, start at the top and take a look at Crown to keep things bright and moving along.

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