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                          solar spotlight: racking & mounting
    OMCO CHOICETM Direct-Bolt Fixed Tilt
n Pre-assembled tilt bracketry components to reduce on-site labor, accelerate assembly
n Flexible bridge beam design
n Integrated grounding to eliminate third party grounding devices and speed assembly
n Up to 5% more MW per acre - longer rows and minimal gaps maximize ground coverage
n Unique bearings adjust
8 ways on-site to solve post misalignment issues
n Universal: mount any module width up to 1.3 meters, and any frame height up to 50 mm
OMCO FIELD-FASTTM Slide & Stay Fixed Tilt
n Lowest total installed cost for community scale and commercial projects
n Pre-assembled, no crane needed, safer installation
n Ideal for “get-in & get-out” situations
 No Matter Your Direction,
We’ve Got a Factory-Direct* Solution
  * Unlike other solar mounting competitors, we actually manufacture our fixed tilt and tracker components... in our own plants. You get reduced lead times, lower shipping costs and responsive customer service.
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