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    solar energy
         Integrated AI-powered software for the entire solar lifecycle
SenseHawk announced the addition of three new applications to SenseHawk Core, its cloud-based platform for
solar. SenseHawk Core is a completely integrated set of applications to support everything from solar plant design
and construction to operation and maintenance. The three new applications are SenseHawk App for site operations and collaboration, SenseHawk Desk for ticketing and workflow management, and SenseHawk Vault for file storage, indexing and sharing. The applications join three previously announced applications in SenseHawk Core: SenseHawk Terra for terrain data processing and analytics, SenseHawk Eye for construction monitoring and management, and SenseHawk Therm for thermography
and plant health assessment.
Better forecasting of weather, load, or prices for renewable energy projects DNV GL has developed an advanced stochastic engine which produces modeling inputs that owners, utilities, and system operators can use to model scenarios based upon hundreds of thousands of years of representative
wind and solar production that captures the full spectrum of possible weather conditions, load, or prices. The tool generates these modeling inputs by
using historic weather, load, and pricing conditions, preserving the daily, seasonal, and annual cycles of the original dataset, as well as other correlations such as
wind speed, temperature, or load. The large number of sequences, about 10,000 individual years of data, provides the
full spectrum of possible scenarios to enable project owners, utilities, and system operators to make more informed strategic decisions about financing, acquisitions, and planning. Because the outputs represent an equally realistic view of thousands of actual time series, this data can be used to answer a range of questions, from what type of technologies to invest in to mitigating price risk.
Residential hybrid storage inverter
The new Solis residential storage inverter protects homes with reliable string
inverter technology designed for high
yield and easy O&M. Maximize self- consumption with flexible operating modes, including time-of-use and off-
grid backup. Streamline O&M through remote monitoring using the Solis 24-hour intelligent energy management system. Smart time shifting lets homeowners leverage TOU schedules and optimize their energy use, while UPS-ensured backup and smart EMS functions help them glide through blackouts safely and reliably. The Solis hybrid inverter includes a built-in Sunspec MLRSD signal transmitter and is ready for NEC 2017-2020 versions. Other features include a completely sealed enclosure with built-in AC/DC wiring
box and ATS, as well as a large color LCD, making it easy for installers to program hybrid capabilities such as export values and battery configurations. Designed for performance, the Solis hybrid inverter brings 98.4% efficiency to solar-plus- storage systems. Combined with their wide product range (5 to 10kW) and dynamic MPPT (2 MPPTs with 4 DC inputs), the Solis storage inverter generates high yield and strong ROI for residential customers.
Ginlong Technologies
New bifacial modules
Vikram Solar announces the SOMERA P-Duplex bifacial 72 cell frameless module, which ranges from 375 to 400Wp. The modules have a 30-year linear power warranty, with shipments to the U.S. starting from January 2020. The module’s duplex design uses UV-resistant substrates on both sides, which increases output, and features near-zero PID due to its highly resistive encapsulant and frameless design, which also minimize moisture ingress. The Glass-Glass
design is a solution for environments with fluctuating temperatures and snowy winters. It is also suited for high- moisture environments such as floating solar energy systems, which represent
an enormous opportunity for solar developers in the U.S. The SOMERA P-Duplex Bifacial Half-Cell series with frame and transparent back sheet
ranges from 390 to 420Wp. The modules are backed by a 30-year linear power warranty, with shipments to the U.S. starting from March 2020. Equipped with Tedlar based transparent backsheets, these low-weight modules can be
easily installed with minimal changes
to standard mounting methods. The SOMERA P-Duplex Bifacial Half-Cell module provides a combination of bifacial solar cells with half-cell technology. This module supports very flexible solar plant designs due to its superior performance in shadowy conditions.
Vikram Solar
Photovoltaic (PV) wire
Service Wire Company’s ServiceSolar photovoltaic (PV) wire and cable meets the current UL 4703 requirements. ServiceSolar PV wire is made of a single copper conductor, stranded and insulated with thermoset crosslinked polyethylene for use in both grounded and ungrounded solar arrays. The thicker insulation is designed to withstand heat, cold, and moisture, meeting or exceeding both
US and Canadian standards for safety. ServiceSolar is available in #14 AWG through 750 Kcmil with Class B or Class C stranding in black, white, or red 600V, 1kV, and 2kV USE-2/RHW-2 and in 600V with EnviroPlus (LSZH) jacket.
Service Wire Company
Smart. Safe. Solis.
New Residential Storage Hybrid Inverter

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