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solar energy
New platform allows access to training, sales, and marketing support
SMA America has launched its PowerUP program, which provides a host of powerful benefits that provides solar installers with key advantages and rewards dealers based on their collaboration with SMA. This program offers access to deep levels of training, dedicated sales and marketing support, special bundles and warranty upgrades. Participating dealers get access to special pricing, exclusive training, marketing materials, and sales and business development support directly from SMA America. Interested installers may submit an application.
SMA America ///
Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage & Micro-grid
Robust DC link capacitors
TDK Corporation has extended its portfolio of EPCOS film capacitors for DC link applications with the robust
new B3277*M series. The new types
are suitable for extreme environmental conditions at 185°F (85°C), 85% relative humidity with a rated voltage applied for 1000 hours. The capacitors of the new series are designed for rated voltages of between 450VDC and 1600VDC and offer capacitance values of between 0.33 μF and 120 μF. The maximum operating temperature of these RoHS-compatible components is 221°F (105°C). Depending on the voltage and capacitance, the
lead spacings are 27.5mm, 37.5mm and 52.5mm, and a 2-pin or 4-pin version
is available for each lead spacing. The service life of the self-healing capacitors is 50,000 hours at the rated voltage
and an operating temperature of 185°F (85°C). Typical applications include DC links of converters for photovoltaic plants, as well as frequency converters and power supplies for industrial applications. The series is qualified in accordance with AEC-Q200.
TDK Corporation
DC module-level electronics
APsmart is a new brand of DC module- level electronics, including the
RSD (Rapid Shutdown Device) and Transmitter-PLC for enabling rapid shutdown compliance at a solar site. Certified to SunSpec and NEC 690.12 Rapid Shutdown requirements, the
RSD and Transmitter-PLC offer built-in safety, reliable technology, and are a rapid shutdown compliance solution. The APsmart RSD System is a SunSpec Alliance Certified [paired] device which maintains constant communication between the RSD and the Transmitter, constantly monitoring voltage and current. When proper voltage is not detected, the Transmitter stops sending the keep-alive signal to the RSD-S-
PLC device, immediately initiating the module-level rapid shutdown sequence.
Pre-engineered all-in-one BESS
30 kW + Up to 100 kWh
USA Patent No. 10511001
50~2000 kW + Up to 4MWh
62.5-500 kW PWS1- 500KTL-NA
10/20/40ft CSC certified Container
Rack-mounted battery
NEMA3R Rated
Flexible Power & Capacity
50-100kW PWG2 series
□ Fire System □ Optional
□ Auxiliary Power
Shelf-mounted battery
Battery System Compatible
Global Certified
Easy to Configure
Non-Walk-in Maintained
□ PWS2-30K-NA □ Optional Fire
□ Auxiliary Power
Battery Modules

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