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                     Decision analysis tools
Ascend Analytics provides the energy industry with analysis tools which enable optimal decisions from the next hour to the next decade and beyond. Their enterprise- ready analytic platform provides for integrated physical and financial decisions. The BatterySimm valuation tool identifies configurations and operating strategies to maximize value for battery storage projects. BatterySimm finds the most cost-effective battery configuration for a given node or utility system, and discovers the optimal dispatch strategy by co-optimizing between energy and ancillary services. BatterySimm’s advanced algorithms help developers, investors, and utilities define and implement strategies to co-optimize the joint value for both energy and ancillary services markets. It has three different modules to maximize project value through any point of the project
life: optimal sizing for energy cycling capabilities and duration specifications; valuate projects under both perfect and imperfect foresight of energy and ancillary service prices; and determine optimal operating strategies for ISO bidding and integrated utility operations.
Ascend Analytics
Three-phase bidirectional storage inverter
Ingeteam’s INGECON SUN STORAGE PowerMax is a UL9540 and UL 1741 SA compliant three-phase bidirectional battery inverter for both grid-connected and stand-alone systems. This inverter offers a high power density in a single power block, providing different configurable operating modes. It is available in two different series, 1000Vdc and 1500Vdc (610kVA to 1,640kVA),
and features highly advanced battery control technology which extends the maximum life of the storage system. The ISS PowerMax is 100% compatible with Ingeteam’s PV inverters and employs the same technology, ensuring reliability
and facilitating the supply of spare parts. Furthermore, the DC input and AC output connections are integrated into the same cabinet, to simplify maintenance work. Ingeteam |
Advanced power conversion, processing and control
SkyBox makes smart solar simple with
an advanced technology single-box design. The fully integrated design of
the SkyBox system eliminates external charge controllers and communication boxes, significantly cutting installation time and cost. Ease-of-installation makes this an energy solution for installers interested in following the market’s move towards battery-based systems. System owners will benefit from the flexibility and adaptability Skybox delivers. Compatible with a wide range of battery chemistries, including lithium ion, and adaptable for most any energy use profile including backup power, time of use,
and self-consumption, SkyBox delivers system owners control over their energy production and consumption.
Outback Power
Dispatchable clean energy
NX Flow is a turnkey solar-plus-storage system that combines solar tracker, battery, inverter, and software control technologies. NX Flow delivers high performance and maximized return on investment to owners of power plants.
NX Flow enables small- to large- scale system owners to store energy and deploy it whenever its value is maximized. NX Drive is a flexible and reliable energy storage system, providing safety features for tough environmental conditions. Designed for utilities, developers, and energy storage partners, NX Drive supports multiple battery technologies and provides a high level of configurability for a wide range of storage applications, project sizes, and future needs. NEXTracker |
Utility-scale DC-to-DC converter
With over 425MW of energy storage deployed worldwide, Dynapower offers 250kW and 375kW DC-DC converters as well as fully-integrated DC and AC- coupled energy storage systems for commercial and utility-scale solar plus storage. Up to 8 DC converters can be paralleled together. Dynapower's DPS- 250 is the first commercially deployed DC-DC converter for utility-scale solar plus storage. Dynapower's DC-DC converters increase project economics and energy production for utility-scale solar plus storage installations. Dynapower |
Intelligent battery management system
Nuvation BMS is an intelligent battery management system specifically designed for today’s energy storage systems. This flexible battery management solution provides a high level of battery control and
includes features which reduce the cost of building and operating an ESS. Configurable for most battery chemistries, Nuvation BMS can be used in all types of energy storage systems to support virtually any storage application. Nuvation Energy |
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