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November 6th-8th, 2018
Pasadena Convention Center — Pasadena, CA
Energy Storage North America (ESNA) is the largest conference and expo for grid-connected energy storage in North America. ESNA 2018 will include energy storage site tours, networking, workshops, and learning sessions featuring the leading policymakers, utilities, and commercial and industrial customers focused on building the grid of the future. Participants will learn firsthand about the key use cases, successful implementations and potential risks in a fast-growing industry in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
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  Integrated energy storage solution
SUNSYS XTEND ESS is a compact indoor UL 9540 certified energy storage system that combines lithium ion batteries with Socomec’s Power converters to offer a completely integrated energy storage system from 100kW-MW. SUNSYS XTEND ESS is optimized for use in commercial and industrial applications and can be combined with third party software to provide a wide range of energy services such as peak shaving, load shifting,
and photovoltaic self-consumption functionalities to help improve buildings energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Socomec |
Delivering tomorrow’s energy transformation today Rhombus Energy Solutions provides next generation energy management
for electrification, smart grids, and renewable distributed energy assets. Rhombus’ solutions are deployed into several markets such as high power, bi- directional, fast charging systems for heavy duty vehicle fleets, microgrid and energy storage systems for commercial applications, regenerative test systems for battery cycling and dynamic load testing, Internet of Energy "IoE” software platform for microgrid management, and contracted engineering innovation, helping their customers deploy their next generation products.
Rhombus Energy Solutions
Automated smart software ensuring maximum economic value
Enel X’s DER Optimization Software ensures large energy users maximize the value of distributed energy resources (DERs) connected to their facilities.
The system analyzes information on all aspects of the building’s energy situation— tariffs, incentives, demand response programs, battery chemistry, and sizing, etc.—while also learning the building’s energy consumption patterns. Armed
with this data, the system automatically deploys DERs at the optimal times to ensure maximum economic value through reduced demand charges, energy arbitrage, demand response earnings, and other value streams, as well as improved resilience in response to grid outages and power quality issues. Enel X also offers financing for DER projects and partners with solar EPCs and other project developers to help integrate energy storage and DER Optimization Software into their offerings.
Enel X |
DC-coupled energy storage solution
NEC Energy Solutions has introduced
a DC-coupled energy storage solution
for solar adding to their existing AC- coupled solution to leverage the rapidly expanding solar+storage market. NEC’s DC-coupled and AC-coupled solutions combined with the company’s proprietary AEROS controls system allow for seamless integration of new and retrofit PV systems. The new DC-coupled solution for solar is scalable for applications up
to hundreds of megawatts in 500kW increments, and durations ranging from
1 to over 4 hours. The benefits of DC- coupled energy storage for solar include: the sharing of inverters, transformers,
and switchgear across PV and storage; improves round trip efficiency and cuts energy losses by up to a third; uses more of interconnection ‘bandwidth’ by shifting some PV output to a different time of day; and DC coupled architectures ensure charging of storage from PV only.
NEC Energy Solutions |
Expertise across the entire energy storage lifecycle
DNV GL’s 2,300 energy experts support customers around the globe in delivering
a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy supply. Their energy storage experts work with manufacturers, utilities, project developers, communities, and regulators to identify, evaluate, test, and certify systems that will integrate seamlessly with today’s grid, while planning for tomorrow. Through DNV GL’s dedicated labs around the world, they have created a combination of analytical and testing experience
to help find energy storage solutions. They provide support across the entire energy storage value chain—feasibility, testing, development and engineering, construction and operation.
Features just some of the companies and technologies attendees will see at this year’s show.
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