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    Print automation eliminates manual tasks and errors HellermannTyton announces true print automation, a technology included in the latest release of its label creation software, TagPrint Pro 4.0. Print automation gives commercial label users, such as wire harness and control panel shops, the ability to automate most of their print workflow, boosting efficiency while reducing waste. With print automation, single- and even multi-label jobs can
be stored along with print data, such
as printer names, print quantities, and variable data fields within individual label files. Scanning a single bar code on a work order (or entering a job number in the absence of a scanner) can send multiple labels to print on separate printers in predetermined quantities. TagPrint Pro’s proprietary technology allows every printer utilized to run simultaneously. HellermannTyton chose to include print automation with its label creation software so any shop, large or small, could benefit from the technology. HellermannTyton
Affordable solar systems for smaller applications Morningstar’s new Essentials Series
takes the technology and performance
of the Professional Series and scales it to smaller, more price-sensitive systems and applications, in products offering more basic features. The Essentials Series is
a solution for solarizing small vacation cabins, RVs for caravanning, and marine use with ‘solar at sea’. In developing areas, Essentials charge controllers will also bring Morningstar solutions within reach for rural electrification projects as well as agricultural, lighting, and security applications around the world. Morningstar Corporation
Explosion proof solar LED strobe light
Larson Electronics released an explosion proof, solar- powered LED strobe light for flammable environments. The system carries a Class I, Division 1 & 2 (Class I, Division 2 panel assembly); Class I, Zone 1 & 2; and Class II, Division
1 & 2 ratings. A Group B rating allows the LED strobe light
to be used in facilities where combustible gas and liquid- produced vapor can be found, such as hydrogen plants. The EPSLED-HBNM-SOL-80C-C1D2-20C is equipped with a
Class I, Division 2 rated solar panel, which provides power
to four, 12V 18aH sealed lead acid batteries. The power cell components are located inside of the panel and not the light. Operators may mount the panel outdoors for maximum exposure to sunlight. Included with this unit is a heavy-
duty 80ft 10/2 SOOW cord, connecting the explosion proof solar panel and batteries to the explosion proof LED strobe light. The explosion proof LED strobe lamp is a compact,
10W device for signaling in flammable facilities. Featuring a strobe count of four seconds, the fixture offers 1,050 lumens
of light during use. A 360° beam angle and strobing flood configuration ensures maximum visibility in the work site. Color choices include red, green, blue, amber, or white. Mounting options include ceiling, wall, or pendant. This solar- powered, explosion proof LED strobe light offers automated functionality and features for hands-free operation. Day-night sensing turns on the LED strobe lamp after sunset and turns off the unit at sunrise. Motion sensing features activate the explosion proof LED strobe fixture upon detecting movement within the range of the sensor. Suitable for wet environments, the EPSLED-HBNM-SOL-80C-C1D2-20C complies with UL 844, UL 1598 (Marine Type) and CSA C22.2 No. 250/137. Larson Electronics LLC |
Modular, scalable inverter solution for large- scale ground mount projects
SMA America’s new Sunny Highpower PEAK3 inverter fulfills
the increasing need for flexibility, simplicity, and performance in large-scale solar projects. Designed for larger distributed generation and utility-scale projects, the Sunny Highpower PEAK3 incorporates SMA’s latest inverter technology. Using the PEAK3 inverter as a modular building block, customers benefit from a scalable, cost-effective 1500VDC solution for large-scale ground mounted solar installations. The Sunny Highpower PEAK3 is available in two models. The 125kW / 480VAC version can be used for interconnection to standard behind-the-meter commercial services, and the 150kW / 600VAC version offers
a cost-effective solution for large projects with dedicated interconnection. Utilizing the Sunny Highpower PEAK3 inverter, plant developers will have a cost-effective, flexible building block providing scalability while reducing balance-of-system and installation costs. Sunny Highpower PEAK3 inverters are eligible for the SMA Smart Connected service, which offers proactive monitoring and O&M support which reduces plant servicing time and costs while maximizing system uptime, energy yield, and ROI. Plant communications with the inverter are supported by the SMA Data Manager powered by ennexOS, SMA's cross-sector energy management platform, providing an optimized interface for plant commissioning as well as intelligent monitoring and controls required in large-scale PV systems.
The SMA Group |
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