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 solar energy
    EN/UL dual listed and RoHS compliant cable
Prysmian Group introduces its new SunGen Global Photovoltaic Wire which features dual-listed certifications from EN 50618 (1500VDC) and UL 4703. SunGen’s dual rating enables domestic OEMs to reach global markets while reducing working capital and supply chain complexities, thereby eliminating the need for OEMs to invest in and manage multiple inventories. SunGen Global is not only tested to be dual- listed and fully compliant with EN/UL standards, but is also halogen-free. Prysmian Group
Floating solar products
Introducing Floating Solar, a unique, new large-scale solar technology that Layfield can design and install on existing ponds, eliminating the need to use premium land space. Layfield now has three floating solar designs available. Layfield’s three types of floating solar are; Tensioned Floating Cover Solar, Insulated Floating Cover Solar, and Open Water Floating Solar. Layfield provides full floating
solar project development services including the solar and floating cover designs, procurement, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. Layfield Group Ltd.
Advanced power quality meter
The PowerLogic ION9000 meter from Schneider Electric, is the latest generation of advanced power quality meters to build on the success of the ION7650. It offers advanced capabilities including
an accurate Class 0.1S, 2X meter, cyber security ready, helping to eliminate vulnerabilities to critical power assets and systems, onboard power quality analysis which helps ensure safe, reliable, efficient power in large and critical buildings
and infrastructures, smart power event analysis automatically correlates related trends, events, and waveforms based on time and type of incident, saving time and providing vital insight with pre- and post-incident data, and patented ION programmability, allowing for adaptable, customized power management capabilities. The ION9000 complies
with all three of the latest power quality standards: IEC61000-4-30, IEC62586-1, and IEC62586-2.
Schneider Electric
Fluxes for the solar industry
Emil Otto is now offering fluxes that have to satisfy special criteria for the solar industry. The solar fluxes must thus be processable very residue-free in order not to affect the individual solar modules' efficiency in subsequent use. Emil Otto currently offers three fluxes: EO-S-001, EO-S-002, and EO-S-007. All fluxes have been developed for soldering solar modules, and tabber and stringer material as well as for connecting cells. Furthermore, the products involved are NO-CLEAN fluxes that are formulated
to be halogen-free. As substantiated in process tests, none of the fluxes leave behind sticky residues. The activators are additionally designed for higher temperatures, which are required during the manufacturing of solar modules, without impairing the activators' effectiveness. This also applies to actual application in particularly sunny and hot regions. The solids content lies between 1.5% and 2.5%, depending upon the flux. Solar fluxes are offered as concentrate in addition to 5 L and 20 L canisters.
Emil Otto |
Options for commercial installations
SolarEdge is introducing the new, more cost-effective P850 2:1 commercial power optimizer for higher power modules. The P850 replaces the P800s power optimizer and can be used interchangeable with the P800s. P850 supports up to 850W
and has a new bracket to simplify clearance requirements. It is backwards compatible with the P800s and can be
used as a replacement for the P800s in all projects. The P850 connects 2 modules
in series and is designed to support 2x 60-cell, 72-cell, bi-facial, or high current modules. The P850 power optimizer joins the P800p power optimizer enabling installers to connect two high power modules to a single power optimizer. The existing P800p power optimizer, is mainly for connection of 2 x 96-cell 5” high current modules in parallel. Together they address the growing use of higher power and higher current modules for PV installations. SolarEdge |
96-panel dual module microinverter
LeadSolar Energy Inc, releases the LS600X-Z series dual module microinverters. The micro is designed
to support either 20 Panasonic 330W or 18 SunPower 360W modules on a single 30A branch circuit, but
will work with other 96-cell panel as well. Zigbee communication offers per panel visibility without the need for a hardwired communication channel. LeadSolar Energy, Inc. |

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