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    wind product spotlight: bolts & fasteners
 Bolts & Fasteners
Reliable tools and components are important in any industry, but particularly in wind power, where efficient turbine and blade construction and operation are essential to safety and project success. This issue, we’re highlighting the latest in bolts and fasteners from various companies in the industry.
     Heico Lock
Product: HEICO-Lock Wedge-Lock
Description: Heico's certified bolt fastening system works safely in dry and lubricated conditions. They can be reused consistently without loss of function or quality, and cost up to 50% less than comparable fasteners. HEICO-Lock Wedge-Lock Washers are suitable for use with high-tensile bolts of grade 8.8, 10.9 or 12.9 and their respective nuts.
Application: A wedge locking system that delivers high-quality, anti-vibration security for demanding bolted joint applications. Typical applications include wind turbines, heavy machinery (i.e. construction and agriculture), mining and quarrying, oil and gas, etc.
Key Features:
• Supplied as a pre-assembled pair that is easy to install and remove;
• Will not rust, break or vibrate loose;
• Certified system for securing bolts, working at low and high preload levels;
• Particularly suitable for dynamic loads, including when using lubricants;
• Available from M3-M76 and 1/4"-3" in steel or stainless steel with narrow or wide bearing surfaces.
   ITH Engineering Product: IHF Fasteners
Description: IHF fasteners are designed for use with ITH tensioners to achieve maintenance-free bolted joints. The optimized design eliminates the need for washers and allows high utilization of the yield point, small bolt dimensions can be used with the same tensioning force.
Application: IHF fasteners are generally used in steel construction, especially on flanges. Available standard dimensions are: M36 to M64 (1 3/8'' to 2 1/2’')
Key Features:
• DIBt approved;
• Maintenance-free;
• Substitute common bolts and nuts;
• Highest accuracy and repeatability in clamp loads;
• Flanges can be designed more compact and reduce costs.
     NTC Wind Energy Product: IronClad Bolt Caps
Description: IronClad Bolt Caps, Grout Sleeves, CorrosionX Grease, and Bolt Tensioning
Application: Foundation corrosion protection
Valley Forge & Bolt Product: SPC4
Description: SPC4 Load Indicating Technology provides accurate bolt installation to within +/- 5% of desired clamp load by directly measuring tension in the bolt. The SPC4 joint also makes it possible to visually verify those bolts that have lost clamp load allowing technicians to focus
on these for re-tightening during maintenance inspections. This results in saving maintenance time, money, and replacement parts. For a minimal investment, the SPC4 offers maximum joint integrity with optimum performance.
Application: For both OEM and maintenance of wind turbines and other power systems, SPC4 is fastener system with integral predictive technology to reduce costs by preventing critical joint failure.
Sherex Fastening Solutions
Product: TEC Series Washers Description: TEC Series washers are an
affordable solution to securing joints in applications that experience high vibration. These washers can be reused without any impact on performance.
Application: Wind, solar, any application where the joint comes loose from vibration
Cooper & Turner Industries, Inc.
Product: Large diameter, safety critical threaded fasteners and hardware
Description: Cooper & Turner is a manufacturer and supplier of high strength, safety critical large diameter (M16 <> M100) hex bolts, double ended studs, and threaded rod. Employing automation (including in-process NDT inspection and automatic zinc flake coating) and robotics results in high quality and consistent products, having full lot traceability, for global customer needs.
Application: For high strength, safety critical fastening on wind turbines; from foundation anchor studs, to tower flange bolt sets, to nacelle/hub/rotor fastening, blade hardware kits, and spares/services parts.

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