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     wind product spotlight: tensioners & torque systems
 Tensioners & Torque Systems
The proper alignment of a bolted joint can be achieved by using either torque or tension methods of bolting. Proper bolt loads must be realized during installation or the integrity of the joint will be compromised, leading to misalignment and, if left unchecked, the ultimate failure of the joint. In this issue, we look at some of the tensioners and torque systems available today.
       Torkworx, L.P.
Product: Stratus High Flow Tensioner
Description: This Stratus Pump is designed for the punishing conditions
and demanding requirements of wind turbine bolt tensioning. Built for extreme temperatures, rough handling, low voltage, dust and dirt, and high duty cycles.
Full Load Amps: 13.2A / 6.6A. Available in 120V, 240V, and 480V
Horse Power: 1.5Hp electric motor Capacity: 1.5gal reservoir
Pressure Output: 21750 PSI and 30000 PSI options
Size: 16" x 13.6" x 22.75" (406mm x 345mm x 578mm)
Controls: Includes 20ft control pendant Weight: 73lbs (33kg)
Key Features:
• Double-acting circuits available;
• Removable digital gauge and oil cooler optional;
• Larger reservoir sizes and horsepower models available;
• Alternative fluid/ water-glycol compatible models available.
    ITH Engineering Product: ITH Bolt Tensioning Cylinder
Description: ITH bolt tensioning cylinders are designed for tightening large diameter bolts of all major OEM wind turbine applications including: foundation rods, tower bolts, bearing bolts, and more.
High accuracy and repeatability ensures consistent even loads throughout bolted joints. Combine with the Micro-MAX pump for a lightweight and compact bolting system.
Bolt Diameter: M16 and larger
Key Features:
• Designed with OEMs for all turbine applications;
• Lightweight and compact designs;
• Patented safety features;
• High load accuracy and repeatability;
• Fast operation using one or multiple tensioners simultaneously.
Description: The Torq/Lite SUXL Square Drive Series is tested and designed to deliver +/-3% accuracy. The SUXL Series patented ratcheting design increases accuracy and reliability while reducing the number of moving parts. The SUXL 360° reaction member is reversible and has
48 splines for those micro adjustments needed for proper reaction.
Power System: Hydraulic (general) Drive Size: 3/4", 1", 1.5"
Torque: 143 to 8,545ft/lbs (194 to 11,585Nm)
RPM: Ratcheting
Weight: 5.5lbs to -20lbs (2.38kg to
Norwolf Tool Works, Inc.
Product: X-Driver System
Description: The X-Driver system is a multi-patented, double-acting hydraulic torque wrench based on a power head that works with 3 different drives: A Drive - low profile hex ratchet, M Drive - low profile cassette, and V Drive - square drive. A slim, fast, easy, and versatile hydraulic wrench.
Power System: Hydraulic Drive Size: Assorted Torque: Assorted Weight: Assorted
Noise Level: Assorted
   Snap-on Industrial
Product: SpinTORQ 360 Continuous Rotation
Torque Wrench
Description: The new SpinTORQ 360 Continuous Rotation Torque Wrench from Snap- on Industrial is a continuously spinning, low profile torque wrench and is 80% faster than ratcheting hydraulic wrenches. The pneumatic- powered SpinTORQ 360 can access tight spaces, thanks to its low-profile head that continuously rotates 360° to provide maximum torque in both forward and reverse directions.
Power System: Pneumatic
Drive Size: 1-13/16" to 2-3/4"
Torque: 140 to 8,000 ft/lbs; 186 to 3,655Nm RPM: Up to 17RPM
Weight: 6.5lbs to -28.7lbs (7.5kg to 13kg) Noise Level: 84db

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