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  March 24th-26th, 2020 Centro Citibanamex Mexico City, Mexico
Solar Power Mexico is the first exhibition and conference specialized in the energy and solar technology segment, a business with growth rates of over 25% and an expected investment of over USD $100 billion in renewable energy by 2031. The event will feature a seminar program and exhibition at Centro Citibanamex. This exhibition is operated by Deutsche Messe, SNEC PV Power Expo, and Solar Power International.
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   Features just some of the companies and technologies attendees will see at this year’s show.
        Safe and precise battery management system
Allowing 130 Amp rapid charge and discharge capability, the new S48- 6650LFP lithium model broadens the Rolls Battery product range, delivering
a 6.6kWh 48-volt lithium energy storage solution with scalable connectivity for new and retrofit integration in systems using traditional battery technologies. LiFePO4 cells and system components are housed and fully protected in a durable case design, including the built- in battery management system (BMS) which ensures safe operation and precise charging/discharging for optimal use and long-term performance.
Rolls Battery Engineering
DC and AC side fuses
SIBA Fuses are available for protection
of PV panels, sub-arrays, arrays, energy storage (ES) systems, inverters, filters, transformers, and switchgear tied to the grid. Fuses for DC side of the inverter
are available in the voltage range from 400VDC through to 1500VDC and current ratings from 1A through to 2500A. Fuses developed for energy storage (ES) have the highest current breaking capacity and lowest L/R. On the AC side of the inverter SIBA is capable of meeting voltage applications up to 40.5kV with
for bus protection, capacitor filters, PT transformers step-up transformers (SSK fuses specific for wind, solar, and energy storage applications) and switchgear with medium/high voltage fuses.
SIBA Fuses
Utility solution for maximum up-time and returns
Designed for higher energy yield, the Solis 125kW combines high power density and maximum efficiency of 99.1% to deliver better LCOE over the life of the project. Other advantages include 33% higher DC string voltage than 1000V systems, resulting in higher energy density and lower installation cost. DC
to AC ratios up to 150% via 20 DC inputs allow for greater generation during lower irradiance conditions, and the option to connect two 125kW units into a 250K system, substantially reducing AC cable costs. Offering an integrated utility solution, Ginlong’s dedicated service team guarantees hassle-free commissioning and O&M.
Ginlong Technologies
Versatile mounting system
SunModo introduces the Multi-Purpose System with SunTurf. The versatile system can be used as roof-mount, ground-mount, canopy, or multi-pole. The streamlined design combines the simplicity of a pipe-based system with next-level engineering. By spanning over roof obstructions, SunTurf Roof Mount takes full advantage of the available
roof surface therefore maximizing the
PV system size and increasing ROI. The system easily achieves 7ft leading edge height and provides convenient access
to roof surface for maintenance and repair. Anchor SunTurf Ground Mount using one of SunModo’s foundation
types including ground-screw, auger, ballasted “Eco-block,” or traditional post and concrete. The swivel pipe cap kit can accommodate terrains up to 27% slope east-west and 120% slope north-south. Optional bracing can provide additional structural rigidity for sites with high snow or wind load conditions. SunTurf is a solution for solar installers looking for a low-cost, high-performance system.
SunModo Corp.
Customizable inverter station
Ingeteam’s Inverter Station is a customizable solution that is supplied on a turnkey basis. It is delivered pre-
   High density, small format mono-PERC module
Canadian Solar HiDM (CS1H-MS) is a high-density, small-format, shingled, mono-PERC module providing up to 335W of electricity. Maximized light absorption area means this module’s efficiency can reach over 20%. Sleek, all-black aesthetics blend into the roof and an innovative stringing design makes this a highly shade-tolerant module in both the horizontal and vertical directions. This module is suitable for residential rooftop installations, where homeowners want to inconspicuously maximize energy output in a limited space.
Canadian Solar, Inc.
       assembled for a fast on-site connection. Featuring Ingeteam’s high quality central inverters, totaling up to 7.2MW. Apart from that, Ingeteam offers a complete package of products and services for
the solar and energy storage sectors, such as power plant controllers (PPC), SCADA and monitoring systems, commissioning, and O&M services.

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