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         Efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly solar panels
The LG NeON R ACe offers fast, easy installation with a small, built-in micro- inverter on the back of each high- efficiency 60-cell module replacing the junction box. The micro-inverter produces AC power with no external DC wiring
or connectors. DC power is converted
to AC at each module, and the power
is then fed into the home. Individual modules can be monitored on a PC or mobile phone with LG's EnerVu software to help identify external shading and
aid system troubleshooting, while also tracking module and system production. The NeON R ACe is guaranteed to produce 98% of nameplate power output in the first year and 90.80% at the 25th year. Modules and micro-inverters are covered by a 25-year limited product, performance, and labor warranty.
LG Solar USA
Reliable, powerful, and efficient residential modules
Q CELLS’ Q.PEAK DUO residential module lineup is distinguished with Q.ANTUM cell technology, offering high power yields, increased power classes up to 345Wp, and excellent efficiency rates. Q CELLS complies with the VDE Certification Institute’s Quality Testing
Outdoor grounding clamp solutions
BURNDY announces the addition of
the Type BTCGC-SS grounding clamps
to their comprehensive Mechanical Grounding portfolio. The BTCGC-SS grounding clamps are suitable for outdoor applications and are used to ground
cable tray, solar PV module frames and mounting structures. The green mounting set screw bonds clamp to the mounting surface while the additional green terminal set screw securely fastens the ground conductor to the clamp providing vibration resistance and outstanding pull-out values. Made of aluminum and tin plated, BTCGC-SS grounding clamps accommodate aluminum or copper conductor #14 AWG through 250 kcmil and a maximum flange thickness of 1/2”. cULus 467 Listed for Grounding and Bonding in US and Canada and UL2703 Listed for Solar PV applications.
Smart relay storage battery system
Fortress Power engineers announce their newest 5kWh storage battery solution. The unit uses a safe Lithium-Iron- Phosphate technology with a built-in SIM card and WiFi for remote monitoring and trouble shooting ability. The smart relay Battery Management System supports Close loop communication with
Quick, professional wire management
SOLARTRAY is the complete PV wire management solution. Featuring high-speed drop and go installation, SOLARTRAY secures wires with continuous support, for the ultimate protection from loose cables, failed inspections, and service calls. Use RAILTRAY for wire runs parallel
to rails and BRIDGETRAY for runs perpendicular to rails.
Unirac, Inc.
Versatile MPPT charge controller
An innovative MPPT charge controller designed to maximize solar production. The Classic features fully programmable set-points allowing use with virtually any battery chemistry and makes it suitable for pairing with modern Lithium systems. The Classic is a versatile choice for new solar systems or upgrades and is offered with MidNite Solar’s technical support.
MidNite Solar
Like you, we are driven by the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Our solar + storage systems enable adaptive energy management and backup power capabilities for any residential or commercial user, on and off the grid.
 Program. As an added layer of assurance, the modules adhere to Q CELLS’
internal Yield Security Quality Checklist, guaranteeing resistance to Potential Induced Degradation (PID), Hot Spots, and Light Induced Degradation (LID).
Q CELLS North America
various 48V inverters on the market. This unit has wall mounting functionality and fits well into standard server racks for large systems. Competitively priced, the battery also comes with a 10-year warranty and 6,000 guaranteed cycles.
Fortress Power
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