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SCADA International Wins Another Contract with Vestas Wind Systems A/S

11 May 2021

Vestas Wind Systems A/S is one of the energy industry’s most significant players in sustainable energy solutions. They have chosen SCADA International to deliver technicians across Europe to install their Vestas Online Business- and Compact SCADA solutions, based on SCADA International’s extensive knowledge within Vestas’ SCADA products.

SCADA International will be busy as they will install between 70-100 projects yearly for Vestas Wind Systems A/S for the next two years. The projects are equal to annually more than 600 wind turbines and a similar yearly capacity of 1.5GW. The Master Service Agreement starts this year and covers Northern and Central Europe.

SCADA International offers a flexible and easy setup with their solution, “Installation and Commissioning” for Vestas Wind Systems A/S: “We are very pleased with our continued cooperation with Vestas, which is a great advantage for both parties. In addition, we have the required expertise and knowledge about the Vestas products, as we have worked together since 2006,” says CEO SCADA International Thomas Bagger.

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