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Making wind power more sustainable

15 Jul 2021

CORROSION and Amphibious Energy announced the launch of the new ICCP-POD, an environmentally friendly alternative to using diesel generators to supply energy during the construction phase of wind turbines, and sacrificial anodes to protect turbine foundations against corrosion. The ICCP-POD combines two advanced technologies. The EnergyPod, developed by Amphibious Energy, is an easy-to-transport autonomous energy plant that uses sun, wind, batteries, and intelligent electronics to provide sustainable energy during the 18-month construction of wind turbines, meaning costly and environmentally unfriendly diesel generators are no longer required. To protect against corrosion during this construction phrase, CORROSION developed compact ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) units. By using an electronic current supplied by the EnergyPod, these represent an innovative eco-friendly alternative to sacrificial anodes, which discharge large quantities of metals and heavy metals into the water. When the wind turbines are installed and grid-connected, the energy supply for the ICCP system is switched from the EnergyPod to the wind turbine itself. The ICCP-POD delivers substantial cost savings by installing uncoated foundations, foundations with a single base coat, or utilizing less carbon steel (corrosion allowance), depending on customer needs and design boundaries. CORROSION's ICCP unit discharge approximately 1.5 million times less aluminum into the sea that traditional sacrificial anodes. The EnergyPod is also completely recyclable and can be re-used several times over a period of 5 to 10 years, so the costs will decrease even further.

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Volume: 2021 July/August