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Leading-edge cable lanyard New!

15 Mar 2021

Pure Safety Group’s Guardian Fall Protection brand has introduced a new cable lanyard, compatible for leading edges, that combines the lightweight durability of a fixed-length lanyard that permits up to 12ft of fall protection during the event of a free fall from an at-height working surface. Through extensive research and development in Guardian’s ISO/IEC:10725-compliant laboratory, the company established rigorous leading-edge verification testing procedures to ensure consistent performance of the lanyard over a wide range of extreme conditions. Drop-tested in both a perpendicular and offset orientation against .005" radius steel, the Guardian Cable Leading Edge Lanyard exhibited high performance and predictability. The Cable Leading Edge Lanyards feature a vinyl-coated ¼" galvanized steel cable, combined with Guardian’s high-efficiency external shock absorber that keeps maximum and average arrest forces low during fall deceleration. Cable Leading Edge Lanyards are available in single- or dual-leg configurations with steel rebar or snap hooks. A high-visibility orange shock pack cover helps confirm proper application suitability, even from a distance. 

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Volume: 2021 March/April