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IMCA Forges Offshore Wind Contacts in N. America Thanks to BNOW

23 Aug 2021

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is successfully expanding its reach in the North American offshore wind sector thanks to its membership in the Business Network for Offshore Wind (BNOW), the organisation dedicated to building a network designed to usher the U.S. into the offshore wind market. IMCA’s network will undoubtedly expand thanks to its participation in BNOW’s International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF2021) In Richmond, Virginia 24-26 August.

IMCA member companies are very active in the offshore wind industry globally, working at all development stages from feasibility studies to offshore construction. The overwhelming majority of offshore installations have been carried out by IMCA member companies. The association has had an active Marine Renewable Energy Committee since 2011,comprising developers, contractors, suppliers, and regulators; and has a long track record of improving safety performance in the offshore energy sector.

Looking forward to IPF2021, IMCA’s Engagement Director, North America Bruce Gresham said:

“I see IPF as a great opportunity to network with companies working in the industry and sharing what IMCA canoffer to meet the more stringent safety management system requirements for offshore operations

“Joining BNOW is a key factor in our strategic approach to expanding our reach, and by those means, our members’ reach, in the North American offshore wind industry. 

“The opportunities in this rapidly emerging market are tremendous and everything starts with strong safety performance.”

IMCA, with over 700 member organisations in 60+ countries, supports members operating in the offshore wind industry, involved with maximising industry safety

Guidance documents developed delivered by the IMCA Marine Renewable Energy Committee includes:

  • ‘Guidance on the transfer of personnel to and from offshore vessels and structures’ (M 202) 
  • ‘Basic safety training requirements for vessel personnel employed in the offshore renewable energy sector’ (C 018)
  • ‘Research on personal locator beacons’ (M 234) 
  • ‘Walk to Work (WTW) guidelines’ (M 254) 
  • ‘Boat landing standardisation’ (M 232) 

Information note: ‘Jones Act Update and the developing offshore wind market in the United States’ 


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