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Heavy duty safety rope pull switches

15 May 2021

Altech Corporation’s SRM Series of safety rope pull switches provide an e-stop capability over the entire length of the rope, up to 250ft. They have a metal housing for use in applications requiring a rugged switch. The SRM Series safety features include a latching-style reset switch that must be physically reset after the rope is pulled or loses tension, in accordance with IEC 947-5-5, DIN EN 60947-5-5, and ISO 13850. Some models offer an emergency stop button as well. Versions are available with 2 normally closed and 2 normally open contacts or 3 normally closed and 1 normally open contact. These devices can switch signal and power. The Series also includes a viewing window for users to see the position of the switch. Proper tension must be maintained on the rope to set or reset the contacts. Significant temperature changes can affect the tension of any rope, and SRM Series switches have a second inspection window to view the tension to aid periodic adjustments if needed. A quick-fix rope mounting system is included that saves time and hassle in attaching the switch and adjusting rope tension. The SRM Series can be ordered with a tension warning output that is triggered when the rope slackens and before the switch changes state, so that unnecessary machine shut-downs can be avoided. Mechanical life is 100,000 cycles and SRM Series switches are sealed against incursion of dust and water to IP67.

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