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Greenbyte Makes meteoswift’s Wind Power Forecast Available Through Marketplace

06 Jul 2021

Greenbyte, a leading software partner for global renewable portfolios, has added meteo*swift’s Wind Power Forecast tool to Greenbyte Marketplace, an industry-first initiative that opens up performance data in order to accelerate software innovation for the renewable energy sector.

The renewable energy sector is booming and growing more sophisticated by the day. To ensure its continuous green growth, energy transition laws have been introduced that require renewable energy producers to provide generation forecasts, in order to create and maintain grid stability.

Greenbyte acknowledges how crucial the role of the power forecaster is becoming for the value chain within the renewable energy sector, and how this can prove a challenge for its users. To help solve this, Greenbyte are proud to have added meteo*swift’s Wind Power Forecasting service to its Marketplace.

Launched in 2015 by founder Morgane Barthod, meteo*swift is a fast-growing new player in the forecasting industry. Morgane understood early how critical power forecasting was becoming to the energy transition, and by applying technological breakthroughs based on AI to traditional power forecasting methods, Morgane’s team reached a level of accuracy that was a game changer in the industry. Today, meteo*swift provides forecasts for hundreds of plants in over 15 countries. Partnering with Greenbyte is a key milestone in its scale-up strategy.

The partnership is also an ideal fit for Greenbyte, which provides insights into how asset managers; assets are performing in real time to maximize production and minimize downtime.

The power produced by renewable assets can be intermittent due to technical aspects, site setup and on-site weather conditions such as wind speed and direction. Predicting these external factors can be difficult, and miscalculations can seriously affect a wind farms’ energy production. But accurate forecasting can enable efficient integration into the grid and the power markets, as well as optimizing energy production.

The add-on from meteo*swift will use AI to leverage large quantities of data from weather models, satellite imagery and power plants, which are then processed by AI algorithms to provide highly accurate wind power forecasts. This will allow asset managers to maximize their profitability by scheduling maintenance operations at the most ideal time.

On top of this, power traders will be able to optimize their position on the power market and reduce costs related to imbalances that arise due to differences between announced and delivered production.              

Morgane BarthodFounder & CEO at meteo*swift, said: “Our partnership will definitively add value for our customers. The quality of data shared through Greenbyte API allows us to achieve top forecasting performances and our customers will be able to easily monitor their assets through a single interface. We have seen a growing demand for this collaboration.”

Martin Doversten, Senior Director of Customer Success, EMEA at Greenbyte, said: “This add-on will provide value for users dealing with everything from scheduling maintenance to managing power purchase agreements. We look forward to being able to provide our users with best-in-class visibility on exactly what’s going to happen with energy production at their wind farms”

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