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USA-made medium voltage drive

14 Nov 2016

TMEIC announces their latest medium voltage drive, the TMdrive-MVe2, is now manufactured in the USA and is certified to UL and CSA standards. The new manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas, and produces the 4kV version of the TMdrive-MVe2 in four frame sizes. Other versions of the TMdrive-MVe2 drive are built in Japan to IEC standards with 3kV, 6kV, and 11kV output voltage levels. TMdrive-MVe2 has high electrical conversion efficiency and power factor of 1.0, with no need for harmonic filters or power factor improving capacitors. Its active front end enables correctiveVAR compensation for the utility and regenerative braking puts energy back into the supply when the load is slowing down. Using identical rack mounted cell inverters, which are easily withdrawn and inserted, allows the repair time (MTTR) to be as short as 30 minutes. The multilevel pulse width modulated control produces an output waveform close to a sign wave, so an output filter is not required, and motors do not require surge protection.
TMdrive-MVe2 family of drives gives the user a wide choice of voltage output and power level. The different drives range from 3 kV to 11 kV at power levels up to 4,100 kW (5,000 kVA). Compared to earlier MV drive designs and other multi-level drives on the market, the unique MVe2 design reduces the module count providing a cost reduction and significant improvement in reliability.

Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) |

Volume: 2016 November/December