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Ultrasonic Flow Meter

19 Mar 2011

To heFree Hot Water ultrasonic flow meterlp determine the hot water usage of a customer accurately and without cutting the existing pipes, consider the Free Hot Water ultrasonic flow meter. Measure usage, collect data, and re-install at the next customer. The Flow Meter can be wall-mounted and is based on the transit-time flow measurement principle. It measures flow rate of liquid in a closed pipe by using a pair of clamp-on or wetted ultrasonic transducers. The Flow Meter will record net flow and temperature totalizer data for up to 512 days—more than enough time to qualify for a solar thermal rebate as required by some utility companies. Features include: transmitter; 2GB card; S1 transducer for 1/2-inch to four-inch pipe; M1 transducer for two-inch to 28" pipe; as well as, high-temperature cable.

Free Hot Water

Volume: March/April 2011