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Trojan Battery Company

20 Sep 2010

Deep cycle lead acid batteries

Trojan Battery Company will present its full portfolio of high-quality deep cycle lead acid batteries for energy storage solutions in renewable energy applications and backup power systems. With over 85 years of experience in lead acid technology, Trojan Battery's advanced deep cycle flooded, GEL, and AGM batteries deliver reliable and long-lasting performance in demanding renewable energy applications. Trojan's RE Series is also a line of advanced deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries optimized for renewable energy applications. Trojan's energy storage products receive international recognition for delivering consistent, reliable power at the lowest life cycle system cost. The combination of innovative features like Trojan's DuraGrid, MaxGuard XL separator, and Alpha Plus Paste with T2 technologies contributes to this line of batteries providing superior performance, rugged durability, and long life.

As seen in: Solar Power International Show-in-Print