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Touch-safe fuse cover

20 Jul 2014

SCHURTER’s ESO 10.3x38 touch-safe fuse cover is designed to safely and securely insert and extract 10.3 mm x 38 mm fuses. After inserting the ESO 10.3x38 with captive fuse into the fuse clips, the complete installation provides a touch-safe cover according to IP20 specifications. Moreover, the cover serves to extract a blown fuse. No additional tools are required.
The ESO 10.3x38 fuse cover—together with SCHURTER’s CSO fuse clips and their ASO 10.3 mm x 38 mm fuse—is ideal for use in PV applications up to 30A@1500 VDC. Specific applications include solar inverters, string fuse boxes, battery charge controllers, as well as other applications in the energy sector. The ESO 10.3x38 and SCHURTER CSO fuse clips can be used up to 32 A at 1500 VAC/VDC, with industry standard 10.3x38 midget size fuses.

When using the ESO 10.3x38 with SCHURTER’s CSO fuse clips, the combination carries cURus certification. A legend can be applied to the cover for string or other fuse identification. The ASO 10.3x3 midget fuse also meets UL 2579 and IEC 60269-6 PV standards. Rated current ranges from 1 A to 30 A, and the rated voltage is 1000 VDC.


Volume: July/August 2014