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Terminal blocks with push-in connection technology

15 May 2021

Altech Corporation introduces the CP Series of DIN Rail terminal blocks. It features push-in technology for tool-less wiring of solid wires and flexible wires with ferrules. The CP Series features a 3.5mm wide terminal block and by increasing wiring density over wider blocks, applications that are space-constrained become more viable. Other key capabilities of the CP Series include stainless steel push-in springs, no special tool needed for pushbutton release of wires. A wide range of blocks are available to accommodate many designs and applications. These include blocks that are single level, feed-through, double level, and multiple level. Block uses include grounding, sensor, and actuator as well as marshaling and potential distribution. More features that enable users to save time and space compared to traditional wiring methods are a universal jumper system with 2-jumper channels and step-down jumpers, standard test plugs, and a large marking area.

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